Saturday, December 6

Take your Corks for a SWIM... Faux Wax Technique with Lynne Suprock

Lynne, from Simply Pretty Stuff, and The Amazing Crafting Products Creative Team. This month I have a video tutorial that will show you how to use some Alumilite Dyes and some Amazing Casting Resin to recycle and transform a few wine corks into gorgeous necklaces. 

The Little Charlotte, a charm in photo above, was made by adding Alumilite Dye to Amazing Casting Resin into an Amazing Mold Putty mold of an original doll. 

But first a little history about the inspiration for these necklaces...

I have many wonderful and talented art friends in the field. This summer, I did a fun little class demonstrating sea glass drilling, and I was surprised and blessed with some, geez-o-wiz beautiful gifts, from these extra special art sister's in NH! 

One of my gifts was a wine cork necklace that I absolutely love! So, I decided to try my hand at decorating my own. My twist was to incorporated some Amazing Crafting Products.

Enjoy the video!
Hot Wax Dipped Wine Cork Necklaces
Using Amazing Casting Resin

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How would embellish your jewelry pieces

I look would love if you would leave a comment below to let us know how this technique works for you! Please share what you make with Amazing Crafting Products on our website in the User Gallery.

Please visit my blog "Simply Pretty Stuff" to see more of my creations. ~ Lynne
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