Monday, December 22

#Cre8time Glitzy Glammy for MOLD RUBBER MONDAY with DeeDee Catron

Jingle Bells... Jingle Bells... JINGLE ALL THE WAY >>>> Merry Christmas beautiful people :) The holiday is just a few short days away and I (DeeDee, here! HI!) want to share a fun DIY with you.

I know as the years go by and the holidays are days gone past, we try to find new ideas and/or work out beautiful handmade bits to deliver to our friends and family. Well the project I'm sharing today can surely be that! I've turned mine into a home decor piece for the beautiful season, but the jar portion can easily be filled with candies, yummies, baked goods, or ingredients to be baked! I suppose I ought to show you the bit first, eh? Check it out:

It's a DIY Jar Topper! So very cool :)

I used the 2 part Amazing Mold Rubber (1:10 ratio) and a resin bird statue to create my mold {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. The bird was secured inside a leak-proof container. If you don't glue down your piece it will likely float to the top of the rubber before it cures, so just give it a quick secure with some hot glue :) For this mold (I neglected to get a photo, sorry!) I had an acrylic block for the base and a plastic cup for the walls of the mold.

In this top view you can see the base where the bird had been glued down. You can also see that I slit my mold. It goes about half way down and just makes it easier to extract my poured piece after it's fully cured. The bird has a steep undercut for the tail and it was proving difficult to remove. As a second precaution, to help fill the mold as I pour the thick resin in, I poked holes with a pin from the outside edge into the tail cavity. It helps air escape as the resin pours in. Secure the split mold with a rubber band before and during the resin pour.


Following the instructions for the Amazing Casting Resin, mix and fill your mold. 
This is the finished cast piece -- see all the beautiful details!

The next step is prepping your lid! I painted the little tin insert with gesso then applied a beautiful Christmas napkin with mod podge. After it was dry and cured, I adhered my resin bird to the insert with E6000.  I gave everything a big dose of spray adhesive and then sprinkled on Prima Marketing Inc / Finnabair chunky Glass Glitter in gold. DELISH!

Now just fill your jar with whatever bits n bobs; could be Christmas gifts, home decor pieces, might even be a fun way to deliver some cash or a gift card! Then screw on the lid with the topper. As a final HURRAH I made a bow out of some Michaels and May Arts ribbons. The bow was adhered with handy dandy hot glue :)

Have you got something
laying around you can
turn into a beautiful jar topper?

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  1. love the glitter bird jar topper DeeDee. your work is lovely!


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