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#Cre8time Rings in Memories of Spring...
by Maria Soto

Hi there, this is Maria and today I bring you a project using Amazing Casting Products new molding product, Amazing Remelt!

Amazing Remelt comes in a solid form, and you can cut it up easy to use the amount you need depending on the size of your project. I decided to mold a water bottle cap for this project. I suggest you gather all your materials, find the items you want to mold and a container that will hold these pieces. It needs to be heat safe, since this product will be hot.

The first thing you need to do is get two containers that are heat resistant, one will be used for melting and the other for holding the items that will be molded.

I have to say that what I liked the most about this product is the fact that you can use it over and over again. Since this product is food safe, you might want to split up the container into two parts, and mark them one food safe and the other general crafts – this way you will prevent contamination.

Here is a list of what I used:
  • Amazing Remelt
  • Amazing Clear Cast Resin 
  • A heat safe container (for melting in microwave)
  • A round plastic lid (for making molds)
  • Mixing cups and wood stick
  • Jewelry findings: I used an adjustable metal blank ring base
  • Tiny paper flowers
  • Glue -your choice: I used hot glue
  • Small crystal or bead
  • microwave
Remove enough remelt and cut it up into small pieces and place in a microwave safe container. Melt it following directions {CLICK HERE to view preparation/process}. Once it's warm and liquified, stir gently if needed - you don't want to create air bubbles... then you are ready to pour over your pieces.

Make sure to secure your items good. I used hot glue to attach my bottle caps to the lid, as you can see below. I used neon hot glue, you can see it on one of the caps. Before pouring the Amazing Remelt, I applied a mold release to the items and mold box.

Now I poured the Amazing Remelt over the items. In the photo you can see how one of the caps came loose {the heat loosened the grip of the hot glue}, but there's enough Amazing Remelt there, so it should be fine. 

I did check to see if the mold was set and it felt good enough to remove, but I decided to just leave it alone till the next morning. I left my mold set over night. I'm glad I did – it was pretty easy to remove the mold and the items. The three molds came out great! This turned out to be a double mold – two molds on one side and one on the other. I know I can remelt this mold, but I think I will hold on to it for a while so I can make lots of resin caps.

A NOTE: If there is bubbling near or touching molded object - you want to pop/drag these bubbles away using a pin or a toothpick while the Amazing Remelt is still fluid. The bubbling here was not disturbing my items, so I left it alone.

Once the remold has cured/solidified you can remove your items and your mold is ready. This side of the mold shows one bottle cap, which I used to make my resin piece. This fun two-sided mold is going to get a lot of use before I reuse it to make more molds.

Here is the other side of the mold – as you can see I have two more bottle cap molds. These are different and I can't wait to use more Amazing Clear Cast Resin to see how these turn out.


I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin to pour into the new mold {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Once  cured, my new resin water bottle cap was ready to become part of my next jewelry piece.

Here you can see the original bottle cap, and the new resin bottle cap. I like this - there's so many things you can do with this item. I'm excited to be making a new ring to add to my jewelry collection.


Here you can see what I used to make this resin and paper ring. I added some copper metallic paint I had on hand to the resin piece, though you can mix color in your resin too. I just chose to use the color afterwards. 

First step is gluing the resin piece to the ring base. Once set, all you have to do is glue the paper flower to the resin piece, and then add a center for your flower. I chose to use a crystal, but you can use just about anything – including glitter glue.

Your ring is ready to wear! This simple and pretty ring reminds me of Spring.


These photos show side views of the ring. I know a teenager that would love a ring like this one for Christmas.

I hope I have inspired you to try this new product and see for yourself and see how fun Amazing Remelt is to use! Please share with us what you create. Maybe something for yourself or some fun holiday gifts.

What would you cast into Amazing Remelt
for your jewelry projects?

Share your projects with us, we love to see what
everyone creates with Amazing Casting Products.

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  1. great recycling of all those plastic water/soda bottle caps!


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