Friday, May 1

#Cre8time for AMAZING Upcycling! Mini Altoid Tin Resin Locket tutorial by Tanya Ruffin

I love my puppies, so I thought what better way to commemorate them than to create a Cairn Terrier locket out of a mini Altoids tin.



  1. Sand a mini Altoids tin with a fingernail file, to rough up the surface for paint.
  2. Using a small bit, drill a small hole in the top and the bottom of the tin that will be used to hang from the necklace and to attach a beaded tassel later.
  3. Paint the tin black and accent with silver Rub n' Buff®.
  4. If you are making your own cameo, see steps below using Amazing Casting Products. If using a cameo you already have, cast your frame and glue pieces together.
  5. To make accordion booklet, cut sketch paper or cardstock 2" tall and about 12" long. Fold in an accordion manner every 1 1/2", alternating the direction of the fold... mountain, valley, mountain, valley... etc.
  6. Glue your images inside the booklet, fold up and place inside the tin.
  7. The booklet will fit snug inside so there is no need to glue it inside the tin.

Follow along with photos below...

Attach beads or beaded tassel to the bottom. Add to a chain and enjoy!

What would you customize and alter
with cast resin pieces into a locket?

Craft Your Own Way!


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