Wednesday, May 6

Swizzel Me a Drink... by Brenda Burfeind

Good day friends, Brenda here again to show you a quick project that I accidentally created. As most of you know I love to experiment and while playing around in my craft room, I came up with a brilliant idea. Well, I think it's brilliant anyway.

I started out with my hot glue gun and a straw. (I think I need a new hot glue gun, but as long as it works it doesn't need to be beautiful.) I filled the bottom of a straw with hot glue about a quarter of an inch and made sure it was completely hard before going onto the next step.

Once the hot glue was completely hard, I clamped
the straws into clothespins to keep them in upright.

I mixed up a bit of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and poured it into one straw.
Did I mention that Amazing Clear Cast Resin is FOOD SAFE??!

I poured the Amazing Clear Cast Resin just a bit past the bendy part of the straw, and once it was completely set up... about 2 hours later, I slit the straw lengthwise and peeled the straw off. 

I cut the bendy portion of the resin piece off and...

here I've created my own swizzle sticks for my favorite tequila! 
(Our fearless leader loves this tequila also!)

I also created colors by adding Alumilite Blue dye and Alumilite Red Dye to the Amazing Clear Cast Resin. The possibilities are endless!

I love experimenting and this was a huge success! Now I can't wait to make them in all the different colors that Amazing Casting Products has available for every type of entertainment I can think of!

How would you customize your cocktails?

I hope I've given you another reason to hurry up and go get some Amazing Casting Products and start creating! Please leave me a comment and tell me what type of experimenting you would do!

Until next time, Brenda with Creativity is a State of Mind signing off! Cheers

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