Wednesday, May 13

#Cre8time Super Duper Scoopers by Aimée Wheaton

Aimée here with my latest project, it's a simple one but a useful one for myself. One thing I love about these products is that if you need another item or something to have around the house I can mold another one and make it prettier!

I found a wooden ice cream scoop in my stash of items to mold and had no clue it was there. I collect things in my daily travels and save them for times when I need some inspiration. Well I've needed a scoop for smaller things for awhile so I didn't hesitate to make a new one.

I made 2 molds for this project using Amazing Mold Putty, one flat one and one with whimsical bumps made from hot glue. I am getting ready to sample a bunch of makeup for people and needed a simple scoop to pick up the loose powder and put in smaller containers, this will work perfectly for that and is the inspiration for this post.

I started with the simple scoop and the ever AMAZING Mold Putty.

Take equal parts of Part "A" and Part "B".

Mix together using hands until all the bubbles are gone and it's a solid yellow color with no streaks. Form it around the piece you are molding and let it harden.

Here is the first mold after I took the scoop out.

Using the same scoop I added some hot glue dots on it and while that was drying made a hot glue stencil (in the background) for other uses. 

I then painted the mold with 2 different Alumidust powders. I wanted a gradient look. I also created the second mold using the one with the glue dots and then demolded the scoop.

I painted the second mold with 2 other colors of the Alumidust.
Love these two – Cotton Candy and Bright Blue.

Next came the resin! I'm using Amazing Casting Resin for this project which dries white unless you add any of the dusts or dyes to it. You would add the dye to Part "A" of the resin if you wanted a color other than white.

Pour equal parts of Part "A" and Part "B" of the Amazing Casting Resin into a larger cup. I made way too much resin but had other molds nearby just in case.

Mix it up well but work fast because this starts to heat up quickly.

You can see the resin in all the molds – 
even the two in middle which haven't cured yet.

I pulled it out while it was still flexible and trimmed off the parts I didn't want that were still soft. If it hardens before you have a chance to do this you can sand it off but be sure to use proper protection like a mask and goggles.

Perfect scoop for small beads if they have flat parts :)

Side by side...

Perfect for any small project! You can also use these to name sections in the garden too by writing with a sharpie on the spoon parts.

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