Tuesday, May 19

Resin Roses... a #Cre8time Thorn in My Side by Tanya Ruffin

I had such high hopes for this project in the beginning. BUT this is a good example how a giant FAIL can help you create something even better. So, if anything you will learn what didn't work well and maybe you can perfect my first attempt.

My first attempt was to pour colored resin on a non-stick surface, let it cure and then cut out rose petals using a Sizzix and put together an awesome resin rose. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation for Amazing Casting Resin.

Well, first off, resin doesn't fold or curl like paper. Second, unless you want to hold each piece in place for 20 minutes, E6000® won't work. So I attempted to hot glue the pieces. That worked but each petal slowly droops... Now all this work looks like it was constructed from red plastic spoons. EPIC FAIL!

So with my left over red resin sheet I cut out a spiral.

Below are two sketches you can use as a guide for cutting.

This spiral is flipped over, compared to the sketch above. 

I then started to curl the spiral from the outside in. I know, you would think you would start rolling from the center out, but it is the opposite. 

Get your hot glue gun ready before you start because you will need to glue it when you get it completely rolled... AND you can't let go or it will all unravel!

Your flower is done, add hot glue to the piece left at the end. You can now you can add leaves and punch a hole for a jump ring. I was able to slide one petal inside my Crop-A-Dile™ to punch the hole. 

I cut green fun foam leaves and glued to the back. I like the bright red and bright green colors. It makes it look so fairy tale to me!

Add a little glitter in the center and you are done!

What shaped flowers would you create

Craft Your Own Way!


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