Friday, May 29

#Cre8time to Hide the Ugly... #DIY Home Beautification by Aimée Wheaton

I have Happy Resin Caps!

Hello creatives! I scored an amazingly large chalkboard a few years ago from a local framer shop for FREE!! I waited until we had the right home to hang it up. I lovingly repainted it at Christmas time and wrote a Christmas blessing to my girls on it in what I thought was chalk markers, well they stained the board and I now have to repaint it. So for this project excuse the message on the board, I couldn't find a roller brush to repaint it for photos but you will get the idea.


This chalkboard had to mounted by drilling through the wood sides for a secure mount. Because of that we had to fill the holes in with wood putty. It didn't look the best so I decided to make some resin covers or caps to cover the wood putty and make it look pretty. I used vintage buttons, Amazing Mold Putty, Alumidust and Amazing Casting Resin.

Vintage buttons...

Mold making with Amazing Mold Putty.

Cast resin buttons to match covering up the ugly!
All you need is a bit of glue...


to go from blah to beautiful!

All Finished! :)

I love how it turned out! I may end up making more just to make it a little bit funky but will keep it this way for awhile to see how I feel :)

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