Saturday, May 28

#Cre8time Garden Play... Teeny Tiny Fairy Doors by Maria Soto

Hi there! I want to share a cute little project I made... it reminded me how much I love getting my hands dirty as I create fun crafty items.

I joined a swap group a few years ago, we always do jewelry, but this time I was asked if I wanted to take part of the fairy garden swap and I accepted the invitation. CLICK HERE to jump over to see my owl charms, and HERE for the Star Wars themed charms I made for previous swaps.

We had to make tiny doors and a window. I decided to make the door with a window, just didn't know how. After a lot of thinking and a few craft fails, I went to the craft store and I found a section of tiny miniatures for fairy gardens. I had no idea they had these available, so I purchased a door. I decided to use Creative Paperclay® to make an impression of the door only – and then I added the remaining details by hand.

The door I purchased had a tiny butterfly on it, it was cute but I decided to add a window in it's place. Once the doors were done with their new windows it was time to let the clay dry over night. Next I hand painted each with acrylic paints. To finish them up, I added some sparkle and a bit of flowers to decorate each tiny door.

I also had to make these safe for outdoor use, so I used Amazing Clear Cast Resin to seal the paper clay... and at the same time used it as glue to add all the glitter, beads and tiny plants/flowers. Just a little bit of resin was enough to finish up these tiny houses – I love how glossy they look thanks to the resin.

Here you can see one of the tiny doors all painted,
ready for the final embellishments.


I applied the resin all over the piece and then added beads
to serve as tiny rocks around the plant and flowers.

Here are the finished doors, all ready to go to their new homes.
It's great when you have a product that you can use in so many different ways.

I really like these tiny little doors – adding the trim on the doors, and the tiny windows to make each door different and unique. I loved how the Amazing Clear Cast Resin not only allowed me to make these outdoor safe, but I think the glossy finish makes the texture, the color, and the little details really POP.

What would you create for your fairy garden?

I hope I have inspired you to find new ways to use this amazing resin, the more I play with it the more creative fun I have. These little doors are ready to welcome some fun fairies. Share your ideas with us, we'd love to see how creative you are with Amazing Casting Products.

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