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#Cre8time Practice Makes Perfect... Amazing Clear Cast Tips and Tricks by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here with another Amazing Casting Products inspiration post! I spend a lot of time working out ideas and testing out craft supplies to see what might be possible with future projects. Some don't work out, some are happy accidents and others a success. Here is a few of my tests using Amazing Clear Cast Resin!

Often I have to work through resin mishaps thanks to my impatience. I love working with Alumilite Dyes, but when I first started working with them sometimes I would add too much dye into my Amazing Clear Cast Resin. I learned quickly a little dye goes a long way! 

Another lesson in patience was to remember to let each layer of resin to cure at least to a tacky set before adding in embellishments. In my resin pieces above not only is the dye-to-resin ratio a bit off but the glitter floated around in unpredictable manners because I was in a rush. 

Now I when I mix up a small portion of Amazing Clear Cast Resin to be used for pouring into molds, I make sure to slowly stir to reduce air bubbles and let it sit for 10-20 minutes. By letting the resin rest before pouring, the resin will be thicker, holding embellishments in place. To create really dynamic effects – I will add some Alumilite Metallic Powder to a separate batch of Amazing Clear Cast to drop by toothpick and swirl carefully in untinted resin to create lovely organic movement.

If I pour a thin clear layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin, let it cure to a tacky set, then add glitter, flowers and/or paper I can carefully trap them in place with a second layer of clear resin. The final layer of resin can be tinted with different Alumilite Dyes and/or Alumilite Metallic Powders to create dynamic eye popping contrast or subtle glows.

One of my most recent tests was using old eye shadow added to Amazing Clear Cast Resin and gently stirred with a toothpick. Dull old eye shadow was given a second life when it soaked up the resin and gave the resin a soft yet sparkling shimmer. If you use mica powders and artist pigments you can create a similar look. Just remember after adding and stirring the powders some air bubbles can form and use a craft heat gun to gently pop any air bubbles before the resin cures.

Amazing Clear Cast Resin can also be used to duplicate the look of enamel and antiquing on jewelry. The pendant on the left I felt the shape and general layout was nice it didn't highlight the details. I removed the small flower oval and rubbed on Clear Cast tinted with blue Alumilite Dye with my finger. I removed any excess with a baby wipe and added little pools of resin in the deeper recesses of the pendant and more rhinestones. My end result was the pendant on the right, looking like it came straight out of an exotic bazaar! 

With your imagination, craft supplies and a little help from Amazing Clear Cast Resin a wild assortment of jewels and baubles can be made!
What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create?

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Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy

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  1. They're gorgeous, I really need to try this! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Laura :)


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