Wednesday, May 18

Sealed with a #Cre8time Kiss... DIY Springtime Frame by Maria Soto

Today I want to share a nice project I made using an inexpensive wood frame that I purchased at Michael's {similar to this one}.

I really had no idea what I was going to do with this frame, so many ideas came to mind. I figured this would be a simple project, and I let my creative ideas just come to me as I worked on this piece. 

First thing I did was decided on two colors to use – since we are still waiting for Spring to come here in Indiana, I thought why not use red and yellow acrylic paints... they remind me of the warmth from the sun. I painted the frame and left it alone for a couple of days waiting for some more ideas to come to me.

One day I was working on some resin projects and had quite a bit of Amazing Clear Cast Resin left, I usually just pour extra resin into old molds but this time I thought why not use the extra resin to cover the front of this frame and make it look like it's all glass; so I took a foam make-up applicator and applied the resin over the entire front of the frame. 


The Amazing Clear Cast Resin is so easy to mix and use, and depending on the climate where you live, it can start to set within 30 minutes of mixing. Just remember to use equal amounts of both parts "A" and "B" to make sure your resin sets perfectly {CLICK HERE for full mixing instructions}. The photos show how the painted frame looks after adding the clear resin.

It was then that I thought about adding some flowers to the frame and I noticed the tiny clear beads I had taken out to used on my other resin projects and figured these would give the frame a bit of dimension. I added these tiny clear beads on some parts of the red areas, and next it was time to add some flowers on the resin before it all sets. I also took some paper and fabric flowers and tiny butterflies and added these over the resin, playing around a bit. I was able to move the flowers from one area to another until I was happy with the placement, as long as the resin has not started to set, you can move your embellishments around like I did here. 

Once I was happy with the look of the frame I let it set over night. There's no glass in the photo section of this frame but the frame itself looks like it's all covered in glass thanks to the Amazing Clear Cast Resin. A very simple project, but very pretty and ready for a nice photo of the kids to give to Grandma as a gift, or for me to keep at the office... just a nice "Spring" like frame. 

How would you use resin on a frame? 

I used it to embellish the frame and as a adhesive on this project. Share your ideas with us, we'd love to see how creative you are with Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

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