Monday, May 9

#Cre8time Critters in the Flower Garden... by Lara Hjorthoy #FlowerPower

Hello Fellow Creatives! Lara here and I'm so thrilled to start my time here at Amazing Casting Products, as part of their Creative Team!

Today, I'm going to share a little flower inspired Monster today, FLORA! After all April showers bring May Flowers! And on Monsters no less!!! Watch those hands while gardening my friends, she's sure to give you a tickle!

I first created Flora using Super Sculpey and cooked
her in the oven as per instructions.

Then created a mold box using corroplast {plastic foam core} and hot glue. I find this makes for a really strong box. You'll notice the tin foil flashing around the top of this box. I realized after adding Flora to the box, that she was a bit too tall for the box, so adding the flashing, makes sure I can pour the Amazing Mold Rubber completely over the top of her head.

Before I added the Mold Rubber, I chopped up an older mold that I wasn't using anymore and added the bits as a filler to portions of the box. This allows me to use less of the Mold Rubber in the end – a neat trick I learned on one of the many available videos on YouTube!

Then I prepared a batch of Amazing Mold Rubber, then filled up her mold and waited the 2-4 hours for it to set up. I live in a humid environment and it sets pretty quickly here! CLICK HERE to view mixing and preparation.

I love that I can wait such a short period of time, and then begin the casting process! It's a one day job and I can wind up with an army of creatures! When the mold has cured and I've removed it from the box, I snipped a tiny bit along the bottom edge, where her head is (the mold locked her into place and she was very hard to remove, I clamped the sides down with some foamcore and clamp tape, to keep it strong). 

I then mixed and poured the resin. I love this stuff. Amazing Casting Resin sets up in an incredibly short time! You can watch it even as it starts to cure! CLICK HERE to view mixing and preparation.

Within 10-20 minutes, I have a Flora! All ready to go to be painted up!!!

And then... in no time, an entire army of Flora's!
My cat went insane!

For the painting process, I always have a reference, and let me tell you, the world has some beautiful lizards out there! There is sooooo much inspiration for colors it's hard to choose!

I decided this time, to keep her in spring mode, and chose this little guy as her paint scheme.

Airbrush, brushes, toothbrushes and more are used to get the texture's she needs, but in no time! She's completed!!! Welcome to Spring little monster Friend! I hope you enjoyed the process of FLORA! And that she inspired your own Monster Creations!

See you soon, Lara!

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