Tuesday, May 3

Welcoming a new Amazing Creative our Team... Lara Hjorthoy

Good Afternoon! We have an exciting announcement today! Please give a warm welcome to Lara Hjorthoy (your-toy), from Vancouver, Canada – a sculptor, illustrator, painter and makeup artist who joined us as our Featured Artist back in January. We are so excited Lara is joining the Amazing Casting Products Creative Team.


Please take some time to get to know Lara. You may remember Lara's super cute and cuddly monster, LOLA {CLICK HERE to view post}. You won't have to wait long to see what's she's been creating lately – prepare to be AMAZED and INSPIRED next week!!!

I'm a Sculptor, Illustrator and Makeup Artist from Vancouver Canada. I trained in SPFX and Prosthetic makeup, and thats where my love of mold-making began! I'm a future Tiny Home Owner, who lives with my talented husband Mark and my incredibly demanding cat Smudge... and we explore the gamut of creative expression!

My first love, the pencil! Now I make Monsters, art, jewelery and more! Check out my website at www.larahjorthoy.com and YourToyCreation.etsy.com. You can follow my day to day creations at Facebook and Instagram, look for YourToy Creations! I'm thrilled to be a part of the Amazing Casting Products Creative Team, and look forward to sharing my projects with you all!

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Please visit Lara's "Your Toy Creations" website or her Instagram feed

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