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Origami and #Cre8time... Suspended in Time and RESIN! A tutorial by Sandra Strait

Hi, this is Sandra and I'm here to share one of two solutions to an age-old question. What do you do with your Origami projects?

It's Perfect and Precious! And you want to keep it for all time! 
So suspend it in resin!

The other day, I found this Origami pack of Safari Animals at Dollar Tree. I hesitated to buy it. I enjoy origami, but my experience has been that you fold the pieces, and then they sit around until they are lost or thrown out because you're tired of having them in the way. But then I thought of two ways around that. One of the solutions is in another post which I shared last week {CLICK HERE to jump over} – but this is one that will work to preserve those perfect origami pieces that you really want to keep.

So where to go from here?
Let's start with a mold!

For this project, I folded the tiger, and trimmed away the pieces I didn't want – the brown space between the feet and the wedge under the chin.  


I glued everything together. This was more for the sake of the other project {CLICK HERE to view}, but probably wise for suspending a piece in resin. This way the Amazing Clear Cast Resin isn't able to creep under the folds and push them out of shape.

For the base of my project, I used part of the packaging that my Kindle came in. It had a couple of problems though for holding resin and looking good as part of the jungle scene. The lip didn't go all the way around and one corner was bent outward.  

I painted the packaging, using a Spring Green acrylic paint that was matte, a good foliage color and would provide a good jungle background. Looking back, I should have fixed the corner first, but it turned out not to be a problem.

I fixed the bend by cutting at the left corners, and folding the excess at the top and bottom, so I could glue them to the side and form straighter corners.

The Safari Animal package had a painted jungle scene inside, which I forgot to photograph before cutting it up. I glued down portions of it, along with a fabric rose, and also a piece of granite molding that would keep the resin from dripping out. I didn't worry about the big dip at the side, because I knew I'd be covering it over.

I poured about 2 TBS each of Amazing Clear Cast Resin – Parts "A" and "B". After letting them sit for a few minutes so the bubbles would settle out, I mixed them together. Please CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation instructions.

Again, I let the mixture set to get rid of bubbles, and then I poured it into the deepest part of the packaging and set it aside to cure, which took about 12 hours.

Once the Amazing Clear Cast Resin had cured, I added a dab of glue to the tiger and placed him where I wanted him. He was meant to look like he's standing on a rock, but in the photos he looks more like he's floating. He's a happy tiger! He's jumping for joy! That's my story and I'm sticking to it – LOL.

The glue was to hold him down while the second layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin cured. I mixed up about half the amount used for the first pour, which was enough to cover the tiger and leave a thin layer of resin across the entire jungle picture.

Another 12 hours later, when the second layer of Amazing Clear Cast Resin was cured, I glued down the other bits and pieces from the jungle scene. They were glued onto the lip of the packaging. This way I was able to cover that ugly dip on the left side, and I created even more of a 3D effect.

So now my origami piece is preserved forever as part of 3D jungle scene. Cool! Well, hot actually, because that's how jungles are, LOL!

So what are you waiting for?

The holidays are coming. Grandma would love one of little Timmy's origami pieces. Or maybe Dad could finally get a fish to put on the wall. The possibilities are endless!

For more complete instructions in molding or casting,


  • Amazing Clear Cast Resin
  • Kindle Packaging (or similar box)
  • Origami Safari Animal pack-one of the animals sheets and the interior of the packaging
  • A piece of granite molding
  • Fabric Rose
  • Polymer Medium (white glue would do)
  • Scissors

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What have you made during
your Cre8time lately???

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  1. This is a fantastic diorama type project Sandra! So much fun with the jungle theme too. :-)


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