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The DOCTOR is IN! AMAZING #Cre8time Apothecary Bottles by Lonnie Sexton

Lonnie here with another project using Amazing Crafting Products. Today I'm sharing how to alter/customize some recycled spice bottles into a set of handmade potions by molding/casting a design onto an existing lid. 



  1. Create Primary Object – Custom Lid
  2. Prepare the Part for molding
  3. Mold the Primary
  4. Demold
  5. Casting
  6. Graphics Label
  7. Final

I used modeling clay and the metal lid from the glass jar to create the primary object; a custom old timey medicine jar lid. I was trying to get the feel of a hand made copper or bronze cap from the early 1900’s. So instead of using plastic cut parts for defined surfaces and edges, the clay creates more of a rustic feel when smoothed out by hand.


Create an Amazing Mold Putty plug to protect the threads of the metal cap. Mix Amazing Mold Putty per instructions (I used 20 grams of each part). Please CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

Press into the bottom of the lid, form and let cure. 

Cut a positioning 'key' in one side of the cured putty plug.


Cut 5 pieces foam board to create a mold box.
Use got glue to secure them together.

Place the lid on the putty plug and secure it into the mold box
with a small screw from the base to prevent floating.

Mix Amazing Mold Rubber per instructions {CLICK HERE to view}
and fill the mold box. Let cure.


After the Amazing Mold Rubber is cured, gently
cut open the mold box and remove the rubber mold.


To help secure the casting to the lid, add a small screw to the center of the lid.

Brush on Alumidust Bronze Powder to the inside of the rubber mold.

Mix Amazing Casting Resin per instructions.

Fill the mold 3/4 to the top and place the Amazing Mold Putty
insert with lid in the rubber mold and casting. Let Cure.


Measure the container and make a test template.

Create a layout in any graphics editor software with guide lines that match the template. I made 3 different labels using the same format, replacing items, symbols and text where needed.

Print onto the adhesive sheets (be sure to use the right printer settings for label paper and best quality); then cut and apply to the bottle.

Mix Amazing Casting Resin per instructions {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Add Alumite Dye for desired colors. Fill and let cure.

**PLEASE NOTE** Be sure to use a glass jar capable of handling the temps created during the casting cure process. The resin curing process does become hot, and temperature increases when mixed in larger quantities for both the Amazing Casting and Clear Cast Resins. If not sure, resin can be mixed and poured in smaller batches by layering {add additional resin layer after each cure is completed and cooled}.

Amazing Casting Resin is clear when mixed {on left},
then turns to an opaque white {on right} when curing completes.

Completed set – Love Potion, Cure All and Truth Serum.

How would you alter/customize
your bottle creations?

Thanks for joining in. Come back soon for more projects
from the Amazing Crafting Products Creative Team.


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  1. Fabulous project, I love the idea of fillng them!

  2. Great idea! Especially with Halloween around the corner. I could have eye of newt and dragon scales sitting on my spice rack!

  3. Thank you. Lisa, a witch spice rack would be awesome for Halloween.


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