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Amazing ARTchaeological Exploration and #Cre8time while Traveling... by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Hello Amazing Crafters! Susan here to take you on a little mold making exploration in the tropics. I just returned from a weeks holiday in beautiful Jamaica. I couldn't resist packing a little Amazing Mold Putty along with my watershoes, binoculars and camera. Our hotel was a beautiful resort with a mix of old and new architecture nestled amongst lush gardens and landscaping... providing loads of interesting finds for molding potential.

My Amazing Mold Putty parts "A" and "B" were equally measured in some recycled condiment cups giving me two balls that were approximately 1 1/2" round – perfect size for one nice mold {or a couple tiny ones}. This was small enough to stash in my carry-on bag with my snacks and other gadgets – and it went right through security and customs without a hitch.

After several days of rest, relaxation and exploring... I had to use a scrutinizing eye to make my final decision as to what to mold. I had so many options! I fell in love with these giant marble-like tiles around the resort that were 2" thick cut slabs of petrified coral reef that exposed all the beauty, shapes and textures of the preserved sea life. This is what I decided to mold.

My hubs and I ventured out early with me on our last morning abroad to partake in an ARTchaeological adventure {after some bribing with coffee first}. It was nice to have an extra set of hands to take photos, too! He actually enjoyed seeing what I do with Amazing Mold Putty and how it works...  a win-win!


We ventured out just after sunrise to scope out the perfect spot to take an impression and not draw attention to ourselves on our covert molding mission. I settled on the marble patio in front of the resort spa. It has a lovely sitting area with a large area of coral tiles with benches for us to sit and enjoy our coffee while we wait for the Amazing Mold Putty to cure. So many designs and textures to choose from! I selected the bottom right image above to mold... one with a nice mix of positive and negative shapes.


As a precaution, I brought along this spray I have for my hair to control frizz that is oil based to spray to the marble so my Amazing Mold Putty will release easier from this extreme detail. A couple spritzes did the trick and seemed to soak right in to this ancient coral. I popped out each part of mold putty out of the containers and mixed together until there was no swirling.

I smoothed and flattened the Amazing Mold Putty out into a flat disc and pressed into my chosen shape – making sure to press the putty completely into the cracks and recesses.

I brought the sides in to keep the shape circular and of uniform thickness. Now we sit and enjoy our morning coffee and the surrounding gardens as we wait for the Amazing Mold Putty to cure. Though it was about 80 degrees outside, the tiles were quite cool to the touch, so it took a few minutes longer for the mold to harden than usual. It was ready after about 20 minutes.


My hubs was very intrigued and excited at this point and was more than happy to man the camera as I pulled the mold back for the REVEAL!

The Mold putty picked up a little sand that was embedded in the crevices, but that will wash off when I'm ready to use for a casting. When I get home I will mix another batch of mold putty to add a border to my captured sea treasure to hold resin, polymer clay or perhaps even concrete.

Thanks for joining me on our little ARTchaeological adventure! We are home now and not only do I have this fabulous mold for arting, but a special memory shared with my hubs from our travels. Stay tuned to see what I create with my fabulous new mold – you can keep up to date with everything here by subscribing via email in the right sidebar.

What AMAZING finds would you
love to mold on your travels?

Please leave a comment below to share! If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here. ~ Susan
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  1. What a fantastic idea.Those coral textures are super cool.I am glad you could capture them in your pics and the putty.Eagerly waiting to see your mold.


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