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Walk WITCH Way... #Cre8time Faux Stained Glass Suncatcher by Tracy Alden

Hello! Tracy here with another Amazing Crafting Products tutorial! My inspiration for this craft project came to me by the way of crafting deprivation! I know it sounds silly, but we have been doing massive renovations on our house and we had to pack everything up into two rooms, leaving the rest of the house to be worked on. So for over and week and a half my craft supplies have been in a packed room I couldn't get to. I was going stir crazy not working on arts or crafts! I finally had the opportunity to move and squeeze my way into the office with all of my craft supplies. The first things I found was a collection of Halloween items, my craft paint and my Amazing Clear Cast Resin. Then an idea hit me, why not make a faux stained glass piece using a laser cut wood sign I bought from Michaels?! 


Michaels carries several different patterns and styles of laser cut signs this Halloween season, I just happened to like the "Witch Way" sign the best. It is very important to make sure you work surface is covered in parchment or a craft mat in case any resin spills or leaks. I like to use parchment paper more often than not because it is like having a blank canvas to work on, allowing you to see details you might miss. 

I started with painting the front and back of the wood sign with black acrylic paint. I was careful to get the inside edges of the wood to make sure it was all coated and sealed by the paint. Making sure to let it dry completely.

I then applied Liquitex Gloss Varnish to the back and front of the wood sign. While the varnish is still wet I applied Ultra Fine Opaque Black glitter to the front side only. A second coat of varnish was applied to the front of the wood sign to seal in the glitter. It dried for several hours, as the varnish needed to be completely dry for the next step.

I cut strips of packing tape the width of the wood sign and applied it to the back of the sign. I burnished the tape onto the painted wood cutout, as this is very important to prevent Amazing Clear Cast Resin from leaking out the sides.

In a small measuring cups, I put 2 drops of dye per half cup of part "A" of Amazing Clear Cast Resin. I stirred in the Alumilite Dyes from left to right as such: Blue & Violet in the first cup, Violet in the second and Florescent "FLO" Orange and Brown in the third.

I then added the part "B" of Amazing Clear Cast Resin and stirred until both parts were combined {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. I let the resin sit for a few minutes to release any bubbles formed by stirring and then added Micro Fine Frost glitter to each cup.

I used a stir stick to carefully pour the colored resin into the open spaces of the wood sign. I wanted to create a look of a sunset, so the Blue/Violet tinted resin is the top, Violet to be in the middle and the Orange/Brown resin on the bottom. I was careful to put a small amount in each section first and then go back and add more resin if needed so I didn't overfill the spaces.

** You will notice at the top of the frame I left two holes unfilled of resin, these holes will be for waxed cord to be threader through to make a hanger.**

After I let the Amazing Clear Cast Resin sit for a few minutes, then I used a tooth pick blend the colors together with slight swirling motions. I added Ultra Fine Electra (Holographic) glitter to the top of the resin and let cure.

Once the resin was completely cured, I carefully removed the packing tape from the back and trimmed off any excess resin that might of leaked out of the tape. I then threaded through a waxed cord through the open holes.

With so many cutouts and frames available this Fall,
there are many different styles of faux glass you can create! :)

What AMAZING arts and crafts can you create?

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Until next time, safe travels! ~ Tracy

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