Monday, September 1

For the Love of #Cre8time and Art with Heart... by Lynne Suprock

Hello fellow art sisters and brothers, designers and crafters! Lynne Suprock here again to give a little "heartfelt" inspiration using Amazing Crafting Products. Today I'm sharing a shared Heart Art Project using Amazing Mold Rubber. :-)

Recently an art friend, Andrew Thornton of Allegory Gallery, in Ligonier, PA, and I had decided to exchange a heart project back and forth, adding artistic touches and bling to what started as a simple polymer heart sculpted piece. Each volley is AMAZING and I love that I could incorporate an addition using our beloved Amazing Mold Rubber and Amazing Casting Resin


The Amazing Mold Rubber is perfect to mold things like baby doll parts.
Please CLICK HERE to view mixing and preparation instructions.


Once I molded one of my baby doll hands, I added a few drops of Alumilite Dye to the fast setting Amazing Casting Resin {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. I poured into mold and left to set, unmolded, and brushed with a wash of brown acrylic paint. 

I guess I got a bit carried away and used a bit of blue nail polish as well. The little hand was capped with a shotgun shell bezel plus a golden lock of hair, then fastened to the heart. Voila!

Can't wait to see what gets added next!

What items would you mold/cast
to incorporate into your mixed media art?

Please share what you make with Amazing Crafting Products
on our website in the User Gallery.

Please visit my blog "Simply Pretty Stuff" to see more of my creations. ~ Lynne
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  1. This is very creative and inspiring!


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