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Susan M. Brown {sbartist}... an AMAZING Artist Spotlight

Today we feature the artist behind the scenes of the Amazing Crafting Products Creative Team... Susan M. Brown... or in other words – me. We have featured all of our other AMAZING creatives, and since I've been traveling this week, this seemed a good time to play our fun question game. I'm a mixed media artist and graphic designer who dabbles in varied media and Amazing Crafting Products have forever changed my artistic vision {click here for more of my backstory}! I am always on the lookout for the ULTIMATE item to mold and cast into something extraordinary... even when traveling. I am proud to lead this team of AMAZING CREATIVES and I still have to pinch myself every time I see my head and headband on a package of Amazing Mold Rubber in the craft store. Enjoy!

Some fun questions for the inquiring minds...

• • • • • • •

What did you want to be when you grew up?

The first astronaut to step foot on Mars.

Coke or Pepsi???
There is no question... PEPSI!

What inspires you?
Things in nature, everyday ordinary objects, food - inspiration comes anytime and from everywhere. I make sure I have a pencil and pad handy so I can jot them down.

What is the TOP thing to do
on your "Bucket LIST"?

This is a really tough one. As a kid - we moved around a lot. Being from Chicago - I have done a lot of things. Chicago is a cultural melting pot and there's loads to see and do. We moved from Florida back to Chicago on the Amtrak train that went up the east coast to Washington DC. We spent days roaming the Smithsonian on a layover. I went to high school in Daytona Beach during the heyday of MTV Spring Break in the late '80s. I've worked as a valet parking attendant where I parked exotic cars. I had my dream job working at an advertising agency... as a graphic artist for nearly 10 years. I share my love of creating online to educate and inspire others while working alongside amazing creatives. I've traveled too – been to Paris, Alaska, Mexico, Holland, Curacao, Jamaica, the Bahamas {doesn't really count since it's practically part of FL} and a smattering of states in the US. My hubs and I have been married 21+ years {together 24} and are normally homebodies in our down time but when we travel it's like we are different people... extreme travelers.

We've climbed Chichen Itza, the Eiffel Tower, visited the Monet Gardens, drove from Paris to Holland, went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, lunched at the Top of Vancouver, hiked on a Glacier in Alaska, zip-lined across the White River Gorge in Jamaica; went 4x4 offroading in Cabo {dirtiest fun ever}, ventured inside caves that were ancient reefs in Curaçao, viewed famous art in galleries all over, sat in club seats in United Center during the Jordan era, spent a day having our own Ferris Bueller's Day Off experience in Chi-Town {minus the fancy car}, been to the Grand Canyon, traveled to see bands out-of-town {the best being Def Leppard in Cedar Rapids, Iowa}, hiked Stone Mountain in GA, mountain biked in North Carolina... we work tirelessly at our jobs and when we spend time together it's concentrated and fun.

There's so much I haven't done yet so I couldn't put my finger on just one thing... as long as my hubs is by my side, the next adventure will be the TOP thing on my bucket list. We just returned from a week of doing pretty much nothing in Jamaica where we enjoyed sleeping in, room service, tropical breezes, sunshine and being offline.

If you could print any phrase
on a T-shirt, what would it say?
HELLO!!! Can you SEE me Now!!?? People are always walking into me... including birds and bugs - like I'm invisible {no joke}.

If you could mold ANYTHING with
Amazing Mold Putty, what would it be? 
What can't I mold in Amazing Mold Putty!?? I carry it with me just about everywhere. Even took a little to Jamaica with me for some ARTchaeological exploration. Here's a sneak peek...

What style of music gets your creative juices going?
There's so much great music to listen to. Some days it's classical - some days Jazz. But ALWAYS, good old 80's hair metal and new wave. Give me the triple D's... Def Leppard, Depeche Mode and Duran Duran... it's about the only stuff loaded on my iPhone.

How do you create with

Please leave a comment below to share! If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here -or- check out more videos on my YouTube channel here. ~ Susan

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative evening!

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