Friday, November 30

Holidays with Amazing Mold Putty

 Hi everyone I want to share something a little different.  I want to show how easy it is to use Amazing Mold Putty products.  My niece Naomi is 9 and every year I try to make things with them well I thought I wonder if someone her age could use AMP.  So I let her try.  She picked an ornament she loves and I explained each and every step and this is how easy it is to use it.

 Excuse some of the painting I am working on that with her, but I really wanted to show that anyone can use AMP to create almost anything and it took just a few minutes.  We used Creative Inspirations paints to paint the finished piece.
 Her finished snow girl!! So now there is no reason people should not purchase this stuff for fear of not being able to do it because a 9 year old can!!


  1. Great job, Naomi. You did an amazing job.

  2. this is an awesome idea, especially if you were doing a theme tree, you could easily make many items, make them different colors and it would be cheaper. Some of the ornaments out there can get very expensive. A good idea!!


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