Monday, November 19

Vintage Key Pendant

I have been thinking of Christmas presents and what people would like. Amazing Mold Putty is such and awesome product because I sit and play until I get what I want and it doesn't take long at all. I am into making jewelry and using vintage pieces. When I saw the original piece of jewelry I had to cast it. It came out so great that I couldn't wait to antique and age it. First I cast the key in the Amazing Mold Putty, you use 2 of the same sizes of A and B and mix them thoroughly until they are blended and then push your piece in and leave sit for approximately ten minutes. When finished you remove your key and you have a piece that you can use resin or clay in and make the same piece over and over. I used Amazing Casting Resin for this piece because it cures in less than ten minutes and cures white which I love. They also sell a Resin that dries clear and takes 24 hours or so to cure. I took silver and gold and tapped them on the piece with a paintbrush to get a mottled look. Once dry I took watered down black acrylic paint and painted it all on the piece and wiped it gently off so it stayed in cracks and crevices. After it was dry I added Sakura 3D Crystal Lacquer let it dry added a jump ring and put it on this necklace cord. I love it so very much I am going to wear it for Thanksgiving.


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