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Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey
I made a card for a "Shades of Grey" Challenge and since the thumb cuffs my kids had were broken and thrown away I couldn't make a mold out of them.
I went with the next option I could come up with and decided to make a key since the cuffs on the Digi Stamp I used will need a key to open them. :)
The Key on this card was made with resin!
Original Key by Tim Holtz
Prima Bling
Pure Silver Craft Paint
Sassy Studio Designs Digi Stamp
Gray Ribbon
Cheeks E95
Skin YR000, YR61, BV20
Hair C1, C3, C5
Clothes C7, C9, BV25, BV29
I used this key:
Took Mold Putty and took equal amounts of the white and the yellow and mixed together until it's mixed well.
Then rolled into a ball and pressed the key into the ball to make a mold and I let it sit for a few hours but really it doesn't take that long, usually 30 minutes but I was multi-tasking.

I somehow completely forgot to take pictures of the resin poured into the mold.
You easily pop your original molded piece out.
I wanted to make a mold because this key was too thick and knew I could press the key in as far as I wanted to get the thickness desired.
After this I took the resin and took equal parts of A and B and mixed them together in a paper cup for about a minute until the mixture is clear and then poured into the mold.
Since I have a tendency to make too much resin I made sure to have a bunch of my molds around to pour the extra into so I wouldn't waste all the extra. :)
I let it harden up for about an hour while I ate dinner but you can also pull out the resin piece before that amount of time.
There is also dye that you can mix in beforehand to have your cast whatever color you want but I was making a whole bunch of things so kept it at white which is the color it will turn when the resin is solidifying.
I popped it out and then painted it with silver acrylic paint and then put ribbon through it and adhered the ribbon to the card.
Check out their website!
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