Wednesday, November 14

You Light Up my Life!

You Light Up my Life!
At this time of year when the days are getting darker and the weather is getting cooler, it only seems natural to want to brighten up the house inside and out, add the holiday lights, cozy up by the fire and start spending some time indoors. While I'm indoors I enjoy doing some reading or crocheting, but I really need good light to do both. I also like getting into the holiday season by adding festive little touches around the house. Todays post was inspired by fall and Thanksgiving.
This lamp shade was created using the following products
Amazing Casting Resin
3D Crystal Lacquer & 3D Crystal Lacquer Color
Wilton Fondant Mold
I mixed and poured my shapes into the mold, once they were dry I painted them with the 3D Crystal lacquer and attached them to the shade. The shade was highlighted with Tim Holtz distress inks and some glimmer mist. This looks so pretty in person, the lamp shade has a beautiful sheen to it and casts such a pretty defused light.
Now I could have easily made the shapes I needed out of the Amazing Mold Putty, but I had a really good coupon for this Wilton mold and for what I paid for it, it wasn't worth using up MY precious mold putty for this project, especially since the mold already existed. Yes, I thought up the idea first and then saw the was meant to be.
This is what every room should have, a designer lamp shade made with Casting Resin!

Funny, I never noticed until just this moment, but I didn't mold resin rope for around the top edge of this lamp, so I will have to add that. However, I do want to let you know that the resin WON'T melt or warp with heat and is an excellent choice for designing your very own shade. Try molding your own pieces with The Amazing Mold Putty for ONE OF A KIND SHADES! Every child would love his or her own lamp shade decorated in a theme of their choice!

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