Monday, November 5

Hung Up on YOU!

Hung Up on YOU!
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Most of you know I'm am AMP's #1 fan, however, I can't help myself from the allure of the Wilton fondant molds. Have you seen them yet? What I like about them the most is the wide range of items you get in each mold. The possibilities are endless. And when you couple that with The Amazing Mold Putty - Resins&Name=Amazing Casting Resin
you can let your imagination sore to new heights.
Don't get me wrong, I love my mold putty and the biggest advantage of making your own molds is the fact that you are able to make one of a kind pieces and you have control on the size of piece you would like to make.
However, todays post will showcase the use of the Amazing Casting Resin and a Wilton Mold.
Lets get started
- 5 min. Casting Resin
- Wilton Mold
- Jewellery findings
- glue
- embellishments
1. Mix and pour your 5 min. Casting Resin

 2. When your pieces are slightly warm, you can tell when they are ready by gently peeling back the edge of the mold, if it release easily its ready
 3. If your pieces are slightly warm you can insert your jewellery findings in at this time. Here I inserted my metal hooks into the warm resin.
 4. Next paint and embellish your piece. I used 3D Crystal lacquer to adhere my metal findings and painted my pieces with Glimmer Glaze.
 Steampunk Keychain
 Glittered/Glazed Necklace charm
Additional pieces from the Wilton mold
As you can see the mold I used has some fun items in it and I didn't even use all of the mold.
I hope you have fun trying some new ways to use your resin. I have an amazing project which will be posted here on Nov. 14th. I hope you will check back often and have a look at ALL of the Design Teams creations. Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. I was just looking at these molds today and thinking about how I would like to use those. Great project.


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