Wednesday, November 28

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I enjoyed the books and tolerated the movies (but because I enjoyed the books I bought the movies - lol).  Anywhooo, I decided to make a Twilight mini album for a teenage friend for Christmas.  One of the things I needed was a big chunky Team Jacob embellishment.  So I decided to make both! 

So here's what I love about this project, not only did I get to use the Amazing Mold Putty and Amazing Casting Resin I use on all of my projects, but I also tried out the Alumilite Metallic Powders and the Alumilite Dyes.  And then to finish it off I used my Amazing Clear Cast for the first time ever (and love it!).

So, of course, I started with the Amazing Mold Putty mixing a 1:1 ratio of "A" and "B" (click on the link at the end of this post and go to their website for a tutorial).

This was the item I chose to mold.

After I made my mold, my experimenting began . . . I decided to try the metallic powder (link above).  I brushed the inside of my mold liberally with the powder on a paintbrush (and when I say "liberally" I mean I brushed the inside of the container - I didn't even have to dip the brush into the powder . . . this stuff goes a loooong way)

Next I poured the Amazing Casting Resin (link above) and waited for it to set.

Once the resin had turned completely white, I removed it from the mold and  . . . VOILA!  My piece came out with a metallic finish hard set in . . .no worrying about the color coming off or what product to use on the surface, etc. 

The next one I did I decided to go a little more crazy.  I mixed a couple of drops (and I mean just drops) of the African American dye and then added a little of the metallic powder to side "A" before mixing the resin.  This is what it looked like:

I love that the piece has a solid color and I don't have to doctor the back at all.  Once I get the desired look on the front, the back still has that brown and slightly metallic look and I can just leave it alone. 

Now when I say "desired look" you know I didn't just leave these pieces the way they were . . . nooooooo, I had to paint, daub, brush and rub to get them the way I wanted them.  You can see that I brushed them with black paint and then wiped it off so the black stayed in the low, indented or debossed areas.  Then on one of them I used some antique gold rub to finish it off. 

Once I had the frame portion complete, I glued in some pictures and THEN . . . I tried out the Amazing Clear Cast (link above) to seal the picture and create a glass look.  And look how "Amazing" it really is.

So here is another look at my finished project:

What do you think?  Don't forget to check out the Amazing Mold Putty website for these and more Amazing products.

 ~ Make Today Count


  1. I wanted to mention how amazing these turned out. I couldn't tell which one was the original piece. You did a fantastic job on this project. Go TEAM WENDY!!

  2. Thank you! They were fun to make.


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