Tuesday, November 27

Twinkle Little Christmas Star

This is the material/materials I used for this cute Christmas decoration. I thought, wow, it would be nice and light, just perfect.

Here is the mold I made from a vintage piece of my moms. I was so happy to see the detail in the sweet little star's face. I used the usual AMP mold making material, nice and easy, giving you great results.

Amazing Mold Putty has a range of facial and body colors so right for doll makers, I chose this one.

This is the finished project. I used a number of things to complete this piece. Gold paint that adapts to any surface, polymer clay, for the braiding around the star's head, Dewdrops and vintage German glass glitter, and wire if I decide to use the star as a topper. I was so very pleased at the manner that the AMP face turned out. Delicate, just like the original. My next post is not until after Christmas. I wish each and everyone the happiest of holidays. Thanks for stopping by. Until December.


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