Friday, November 16

Sequined Christmas Ornaments

 Hi! Michelle here with some Christmas ornaments I made using Clear Cast Resin and sequins!
To make some of these for yourself, you will need:
 Amazing Mold Putty, some clean jar lids...
 Amazing Clear Cast Resin, mixing stick, measuring cups included with the resin, dixie cup, a non-stick work surface and a old cookie sheet.
 Assorted sequins, chunky/fine glitters and some chenille stem pieces.
 First - place your non-stick work mat onto the cookie sheet.
Mix equal amounts of the yellow and white putty together until you achieve one solid light yellow color. Working quickly, make thick pancakes of the balls and press in the lids, bringing the putty up at the edges. These will cure hard in 10-15 minutes. Then measure your "A" and "B" of the Clear Cast Resin in the cups provided. Pour these two into one dixie cup and stir with the stick until blended. Set out your molds, some you see here are extra from a previous project where I made a mobile. You can see that project here.

 Crease the edge of the cup to make a pour spout and gently pour a bit of the resin to fill the bottom of each  mold. Sprinkle some glitter and add a few sequins. Add more resin as you add more glitter or sequins. The nice thing about this particular resin is, since it takes a few days to cure, you have extra time to fiddle around with your project. Place a bent piece of chenille stem into the finished  molds.
 Place your tray somewhere where it won't be disturbed for a few days.
 It your weather is warm and dry, your ornaments will cure quicker, maybe 1-2 days. If you live in a cold damp area, expect up to 5 days before they are hard and not sticky.
In checking your molds and you happen to get gooey resin on your hands...use nail polish remover to nicely get it off. :)
 Once they are fully cured, you can pop them from their molds and use sharp scissors to trim off any rough edges. Hang and enjoy!

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  1. those are really sparkly, just what you want for holiday decoration. Awesome.


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