Tuesday, April 22

A Fresh Twist on MISTS... AMAZING Inspiration
by DeeDee Catron

Hey folks! Little bit o' inspiration here today by DeeDee

Sometimes it's great to see a new fresh take on something old and beaten. We've talked a million times on this blog about dying your resin pieces with the Alumilite Dyes, or dusting your molds with the Alumilite Metallic Powders. Well how about utilizing these to make your own spray mist!?

And we've all read tutorials on making your own spray mists using mica powders, reinkers, koolaid, Rit dye, acrylic paint and more. 

So here's a NEW FRESH equation. 

3 tablespoons water + 6 drops of Alumilite Dye + a tiny scoop o' Alumilite Metallic Powder equals the richest, deepest, most beautiful spray mist you've ever seen in your entire life. 

I used the Blue Alumilite Dye + the Silver Metallic Powder and my water to get this GORGEOUS royal blue goodness. You can see what it looks like on paper, on an Amazing Casting Resin piece, and a cast resin piece that's been dusted with Silver Metallic Powder

Now think about all the dyes and powders that Amazing Crafting Products carries >> SO.MANY.COMBINATIONS. 

What two would you mix for your
very own PERSONAL mist???

See you later! ~ DeeDee

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