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Shine a Light on your #Cre8time! Mixed Media Lamp tutorial by Isabel Villarreal


Sometimes you just need dramatic lighting and this handmade paper lampshade gives the right amount of drama to any room. This project was made using Amazing Crafting Products and some added supplies in the April Mixed Media and Add-On kits from our "Partners in Crafting", Frog Dog Studio

I started out with a small sectioned lampshade so that I would have a nice wire frame after stripping it.  I peeled away the edges and then pulled the fabric away from the wire frame. Before completely removing the fabric use a sharpie or any pen to mark where the wire supports land along the length of the shade. Cut the shape out and put it aside. you'll be using this as a template to cut out your new custom lampshade.

There were these beautiful sheets of Decopatch tissue paper in the Frog Dog Studio kit. I decided to go with the rose paisley design for my lampshade. Working in sections, I changed the color and tone of the paper by stamping in random patterns alternating the two StazOn Midi Inks in Blue Hawaii and Claret then going back with a piece of cotton fabric to blend the ink. When I finished the color was a much deeper more vibrant pattern. I let it sit and dry for a couple of hours so it would be less messy to work with when it was time to apply it to the wire frame.

The colors darkened a little when the ink dried, but I still loved the outcome! Time to bring out the template and use it to cut sections from the tissue paper I just created. I cut six paper panels for my lampshade leaving a small edge for overlap where two pieces meet. I used regular craft glue to trace a strip of glue along the wire frame and placed one panel at a a time until the entire frame was covered. As you glue each section make sure to tuck the paper about 1/4" at the top and bottom of the wire lampshade frame. The metal frame should be completely covered by paper.

The covered frame is now a paper shade. I wanted to make it a little more dramatic when lit and this meant making the paper transparent so I mixed up some Amazing Clear Cast Resin by combining equal parts "A" & "B" in a mixing cup and stirring until it was clear and applied a thin layer with a soft brush. This thin layer of resin gives the paper a little stiffness and also really makes the colors pop while also giving me the translucent look I want.

As I was coating the paper with Clear Cast, I scattered some Stampendous Pearlized Mica onto the paper and used the brush to press it into the surface. Using a different brush I went back and painted random areas with Gold IzInk Pigment to create a burnished look when the light hit just right. This gave it a little added glitz and shine. After coating the outside of the shade, I put a thin layer of Clear Cast on the inside of the shade to add to the translucent effect. I really want the paper to look striking when it's back lit.

After letting the coated lampshade dry for about an hour I mixed some Alumilite Metallic Powder in Gold with a little Mod Podge and traced over some of the detailing. The Gold Powder gives the look and shine of real gold leafing and it added some brilliance to shade.

To make the butterfly detail I mixed equal parts "A" & "B" of Amazing Mold Putty to make a copy of a small butterfly sun catcher I had in my window. Once the putty was ready I gently pressed the butterfly into the putty and gave it about 10 minutes to set. I mixed up a little more Clear Cast for my mold and brought out my Alumidust Powders in Cotton Candy, Red Plum, Bright Blue, Light Green and Gold. After the resin was poured into the mold a little of each color was swirled into the resin with a mixing stick. Since this was a very thin pouring I put it under a 60 watt light and it dried in about 30 minutes.

My dry resin butterfly now need to be decorated. I really wanted something subtle for the butterfly so I placed it on the second sheet of DecoPatch tissue paper and cut out a piece large enough to cover the entire body of the butterfly. Placing the butterfly face down, I covered the back of the butterfly with a thin coat of craft glue and pressed the tissue paper - also face down onto the glue covered surface then cut away any excess paper with an exacto knife. More of the Mod Podge/Gold Metallic mixture was used along the edges of the butterfly. It dried in about 5 minutes so I glued a small magnet onto the back of the butterfly so I could move it around on the lampshade. My finished resin butterfly is just gorgeous. I love the way the tissue paper shows through the subtly changing pearlized colors in the wings.

Possibly the best thing about this project is that it looks like two completely different lampshades depending on whether it's lit or not. In daylight the shade has soft subtle colors. I wish I could capture the way light plays on the slightly metallic surface and pearlized flecks. Each panel of the lampshade is completely different so you can really get a few looks depending on how you spin it and where you place the butterfly. When the lamp is lit it transforms into a kaleidoscope of color and pattern. The colors are just so luscious and vibrant. 

Combining the Frog Dog Studio kit
 with Amazing Crafting Products took
 my project to a whole different level.
Where will it take you?

I'd love to see what you create! Please upload and share your creations to the

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The Frog Dog Studio April Mixed Media Kit includes:
(1) **Alumidust Powder - Red Plum; (1) StazOn Midi Ink pad - Claret; (1) StazOn Midi Ink pad - Blue Hawaii; (1) iZink Pigment Ink bottle - Gold; (1) Stampendous Mica Fragments Jar, Pearlized; (1) Dusty Attic Chipboard set - Birds; (1) Stampendous Mini Clipboard Canvas pack; (1) Set Canvas Mini's - Canvas Corp; (3) Sheets of Decopatch Tissue Paper; and (16) Tim Holtz Clear Fragments (random sizes/shapes). ** Alumidust is one of the many additives from the Alumilite Corporation. Valued at over $45.

The Frog Dog Studio  April Add-On Kit includes:
(1) Amazing Clear Cast Resin – 16 Fluid Oz Box; (1) Amazing Mold Putty – 2/3 lb Box; (25) 1 oz Measuring Cups; and (50) Wooden Stir Sticks. Valued at over $47.

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  1. Isie - this project is stunning! I can't wait to see it in person the next time we get together :)

  2. This it's absolutely gorgeous. What a fabulous idea.


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