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Rachel Whetzel... An AMAZING Artist Spotlight

Today we feature the fabulous Rachel Whetzel - one of our AMAZING Creative Team Alumni... and so much more. She's a photographer, a mixed-media artist and doll maker... and that just scratches the surface. Right now she's the proud mama to a new herd of baby goats {not sure the proper term - but they are so stinkin' cute}. Rachel is always surprising me with here inventive projects and extreme creativity... did you see latest masterpiece, her phone case REDUX??! Enjoy! - Sb

I specialize in creativity and mixed media art through thrifting, up-cycling, re-purposing and new design. I have had the privilege of being published in several Stampington Publications, and am a contributor to Seth Apter’s newest Mixed Media book, “The Mixed-Media Artist: Art Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Dreams from Over 40 Amazing Artists” slated to be published later this year. I am the owner of A Year in the Life of an Art Journal and Monday Mugshots! I am: Thrift junkie. Free Spirit. Believer. Artist. Photographer. Mom to boys. Rust Lover. Worm Farmer. Blogger. Creative Soul. Rule Bender. Spider Saver. Coffee Drinker. Cream Lover. Chook Farmer. Goat Milker. Sailor Mouth. Music Listener. Phone Talker. Garden Grower. Beek. Mess Maker. Risk Taker. Chewy Mom. Gritty Gramma. Good Intender.
Some fun questions for the inquiring minds...

What did you want to be when you grew up?
What I wanted to be when I grew up has changed a few times. I wanted to be an Artist. I wanted to be a Veterinarian. I wanted to be a Forensic's Detective. I wanted to be an Attorney, I wanted to be a Beautician...  I've wanted to be a lot of things!

Coke or Pepsi?

Dr. Pepper

If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt, what would it say?

Oh, man... there are SO MANY!! Probably something from a some Ecard.

What inspires you?
In art: Old, rusty, crusty, vintage and unique.
In life: People that make a difference to just one other soul.

What is the TOP thing to do on your "Bucket LIST"?
I don't really have a bucket list, per say... but I am adventurous eater, and I REALLY want to have tried Squirrel, Alligator and Opossum.

If you could mold ANYTHING with Amazing Mold Putty, what would it be?
I have some metal frames that I really want to mold, but they are really big. It would take SO MUCH Amazing Mold Putty... so for now, I have to be happy with just bits of it.

What style of music gets your creative juices going?

Anything up beat helps to keep me moving, but usually when I create,
the TV is on in the background, not music.

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Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed this peek inside Rachel's world. Please check back a little later today for our regularly scheduled Mold Rubber Monday feature. You can see more of Rachel's fabulous work at her website here... grab a cuppa - there's a lot of exciting stuff to see!

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