Thursday, April 24

#Cre8time Experimentation with Alumidust... AMAZING Inspiration from Isabel Villarreal

Hi there! Isabel here to share some discoveries I made while playing with color and resin. I got some Alumilite Alumidust Powders in really cool colors and I'd been dying to try them out. I finally got a chance to use them and I have to say I'm absolutely in love with these powders.

I used a mold I made for previous project since I was really just playing around to see what I could do with the powders. For my first try I used a brush to paint the dry Alumidust Powders onto the mold before pouring the resin, this technique allows you to "paint" areas in as many colors as you want and you can also blend them. The photo on the left shows the powders used with Amazing Clear Cast Resin. The colors were soft with a really nice sheen and the pendants were transparent. The photo on the right shows the powders used with Amazing Casting Resin. This resin cures in a solid white color so the white base makes the colors much more vibrant with crisper edges where two colors meet. Same technique, two different looks depending on the type of resin you use.

For my next trick I mixed some Amazing Clear Cast Resin and added a little Alumidust to the mixture before pouring into the mold. The color and transparency change when you add more or less powder. The blue popsicle in the photo above has a very small amount added. You get a richer color to the resin but still retain the transparency. For the pink popsicle, I doubled the amount of powder in the mixture and the end result was a really nice solid color with a slight iridescent sheen. 

On this round, I used an acrylic gloss medium and mixed in some Alumidust to use it as paint. With a small brush I painted the mixture onto the surface of the resin. Here I used Amazing Casting Resin for it's solid white base color. Still looks great, just the colors a tiny bit softer. This technique gives the pieces more of a crafty hand painted look and you can easily layer colors.

These pics really illustrate the difference in technique and this is only the beginning of what's possible with Alumidust Powders. I'm really loving the versatility!

How will you use your Alumidust Powders?

I'd love to see what you create! Please upload and share your creations to the

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