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Creative #MixedMedia FRAMING... Moldmaking with Amazing Mold Rubber by Susan M. Brown {sbartist}

Good evening Amazing Crafters! Susan here for another Mold Rubber Monday. Today I am sharing an item that will be a frame and the beginnings of a mixed media piece using the Frog Dog Studio April Mixed Media Kit – our partner in crafting. The mold I've created is a stunning example of the AMAZING detail captured by Amazing Mold Rubber... even woodgrain! I've cast a mold of a small wooden embroidery hoop I found at my local Trash2Treasure - a Creative Re-Use center that is always a source of fun finds to mold.

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The Frog Dog Studio April Mixed Media Kit includes:
(1) **Alumidust Powder - Red Plum; (1) StazOn Midi Ink pad - Claret; (1) StazOn Midi Ink pad - Blue Hawaii; (1) iZink Pigment Ink bottle - Gold; (1) Stampendous Mica Fragments Jar, Pearlized; (1) Dusty Attic Chipboard set - Birds; (1) Stampendous Mini Clipboard Canvas pack; (1) Set Canvas Mini's - Canvas Corp; (3) Sheets of Decopatch Tissue Paper; and (16) Tim Holtz Clear Fragments (random sizes/shapes). ** Alumidust is one of the many additives from the Alumilite Corporation. Valued at over $45.

The Frog Dog Studio  April Add-On Kit includes:
(1) Amazing Clear Cast Resin – 16 Fluid Oz Box; (1) Amazing Mold Putty – 2/3 lb Box; (25) 1 oz Measuring Cups; and (50) Wooden Stir Sticks. Valued at over $47.

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With a little hunting around, I found a plastic form from product packaging that was the perfect size for a mold box for my embroidery hoop. I sprayed the inside of the plastic with my 3M spray ahesive, let tack up and then pressed the hoop to the inside. This is fairly large, so I prepared an entire container of Amazing Mold Rubber {please CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}.

Having Lonnie Sexton on our Creative Team gives us an invaluable source of molding/casting expertise. I used his recommendation to recycle scrap silicone from previous pours and mold cutaways to use as filler in new mold pourings. So I gathered up my scrap pieces and trimmed to smaller bits and placed into the mold box around my item. Thinking back - I would have been wise to mold a couple tiny items in the center of this... and I've certainly been practicing plenty of mass molding lately.

I completely covered the embroidery hoop and the silicone scrap. I used a skewer to gently release air bubbles within the center where the silicone scrap filler lies. I totally love that I can prep/mix/pour a mold before I go to work in the morning... and then when I return home... a brand new mold!!!


VOILA!! A new mold perfect to frame mixed media creations.


The April Frog Dog Studio Kit contains a jewel I've never used before... a bottle of Gold iZink Pigment Ink. I used this to paint inside the mold. This being a wet pigment ink {and I assume water based} I applied it to the mold as I would if applying Alumilite Metallic Powders – EXCEPT with the iZink you have to wait for it to completely dry before pouring resin. Any water-based additives will alter the chemistry of the resin and not cure properly.


While waiting for iZink to dry – I prepared my Amazing Casting Resin, measuring equal parts of "A" and "B".  I prepared about 4 oz, as I wasn't quite sure how much resin the mold will take to fill.


Then I added to my mixing cup a couple scoops of the Red Plum Alumidust also included in the April Frog Dog Studio Kit. I poured part "A" into the mixing cup and stirred the Alumidust thoroughly before adding the part "B".

The Alumidust can be added to the resin to add coloring in addition to applying as a dusting to the mold surfaces before resin pour. The Red Plum is a subtle red color with an iridescent purple shimmer and will give a pale coloring to the white Amazing Casting Resin.


After pouring the Amazing Casting Resin mixture into the mold, I let set to cure for about 15 minutes and it was ready to remove from the mold. I was so excited to see the results of the gold iZink painted directly into the mold.


It worked as I hoped... the gold iZink filled all the woodgrain areas of the mold. This makes for a wonderful detail and contrast to the pale pink resin color. Using an emery board, I gently filed the edges and any imperfections.

The thing that is real interesting about the Alumidust is that you can also utilize it as a paint. With a couple drops of water mixed with a small amount of the Alumidust, I painted another layer of color onto the cured resin piece. I will add some silver and bronze Alumidust to the screw and metal hardware areas when I'm working this into a new art project.

Side-by-side original wooden hoop and the cast duplicate ready for arting! It's color co-ordinated with the other items in the FDS kit – and is at the ready to become a mini mixed media wall hanging. I'm excited to see where my muse takes me with this creation.

What items would you mold and cast
for your mixed-media projects?

If you would like to see more of my creations, please visit my blog
sbartist : painting in the dark by clicking here. ~ Susan

I hope you have a creative evening - thanks for visiting!
See you tomorrow with more Amazing Crafting Products inspiration.

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