Wednesday, August 6

#Cre8time presents a Found Object Mobile!
A tutorial by Aimée Wheaton

Hi all! Aimée here again with a new project. This project is similar to what I was going to do with my first project last month {click here to view if you missed it}. I didn't have much time to create due to a death in my family last month – so I revisited the idea again, this time with a little extra kick. I hope you enjoy this piece because I had fun creating it.

It came together pretty quickly because I had already painted the driftwood last month and really wanted to use them for this project. Basically all I did was just paint some different colors in different patterns using acrylic paints and a small paint brush. I then drilled holes using my drill press down the center of each piece of driftwood.

Next I built my mold box for 3 items I wanted to mold. I am still learning the ropes with Amazing Crafting Products... so I messed up here and molded a crown that wouldn't work because of all the holes in it. Lesson learned. I'm keeping the parts of the mold as filler for next time. The thimble and key turned out so that's what I focused on. 

I placed my objects into the top of a jar lid and hot glued them down. Next I mixed the Amazing Mold Rubber with the catalyst and poured it into my mold box, covering the items {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}.

I let it sit overnight because it was getting late,
and I figured the extra time couldn't hurt it.

The next morning, I mixed up some Amazing Casting Resin with some gold and pink Alumidust and poured it into the thimble mold. You can see where I had to cut the crown out of the mold to the right.

The thimble turned out amazing! :)

Next I found a piece of driftwood with a hole already in it – and thought of making it the main pendant so to speak. I drilled a hole down the middle of the cast thimble piece after adding some paint to it. I took another piece I had previously molded, and attached the three pieces together with copper wire. Then I added some white paint to the wood and a black stamp to the top for a more tribal look.

I took some waxed twine I had and started stringing the mobile together. I tied a knot on the bottom and at the top of each piece of driftwood – starting from the bottom up with the pendant.

Like so. After stringing it all together it needed more eye candy... so I started casting more objects! I used molds I had previously made to keep things simple. I painted all of them after the fact except for the two blue pieces shown below, which I used the Alumilite Blue Dye for. 

I used Amazing Casting Resin with Alumilite Blue Dye in the mix for these guys.

The batch of items I cast!
All found objects with no rhyme or reason.

I then grittied them up with acrylic paint and then drilled holes in all of the using my drill press. I then tied more wax twine to each piece with various lengths to tie onto the mobile. I didn't end up using them all but will save them for a later project.

Different levels of the mobile.

It's pretty funky if you ask me but fun!

The pendant part.

Now let's see the whole thing together!

Would love to hear what you think about this project. This could have so many variations to it, the possibilities are endless!! I hope you enjoyed this How-To. I purchased the driftwood on Etsy and got a bunch so expect to see more in upcoming projects! Thanks for reading!

XOXO Aimée

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  1. Aimee, this is wonderful. I love this idea and can't wait to try something like this. Great job!


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