Thursday, August 14

OUIJA Like a Halloween Necklace??
AMAZING Inspiration from Tanya Ruffin

I love, love, LOVE Halloween! As a matter of fact, I still have bats hanging from the ceiling in one of our rooms (which has become the dog room). So when I saw some Ouija Board Mints I had to get them. I have been sitting on them for over a year but I knew one day I would make something with them. And this is what I made.

I stared with a mint container.

Then I used some mold release spray in the back side of the lid.
This tin would be my mold.

Propping the lid up so it lays flat, I poured some Amazing Casting Resin into the lid. Please CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

I usually have the tendency to demold my items a little too soon – but this you really want to let sit about 30 minutes. If you do, it will pop right out.

Very cool!!!

BUT I don't want my final piece to say Mystifying Mints! Which is exactly why I made this first cast. Using only an emery board, I filed those letters off. It took a little while – and I ended up cutting my emery board into strips but I did it... and it worked! 

I then cut the sides down and filed the edges, making nice rounded corners. I then made a mold of this resin piece using Amazing Mold Putty! Please CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

With my new mold complete – I mixed some Alumilite Black Dye into the Amazing Casting Resin to give it a nice creepy look. I then used silver Rub 'n Buff® to accent it. I glued on another resin embellishment (left over from last year) and there ya go!

I had some silver Halloween ribbon left over that I cut
into strips and tied onto the necklace - and it's complete!

What everyday objects can you
 transform into fun kitschy jewels?

Until Next Time... ~ Tanya

Tanya Ruffin with Create Studios

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