Monday, August 4

It's FIVE o'Clock Somewhere! Custom Beer Tap Handle by Lonnie Sexton

There is no explanation for this project other than I wanted to make a custom beer tap handle with LED’s and Amazing Clear Cast Resin. I've never done a clear resin casting this large before so its been an adventure from the start.



  1. Create Primary Object
  2. Prepare the Part for molding
  3. Mold the Primary
  4. Demold
  5. Sand and Paint
  6. Insert Prep
  7. Clear Coat
  8. Final Prep

I started with a 2 x 4 – measured the cut lines and used a band saw to cut the part.

Sand all the edges smooth. Sand the corners off the edges.

Measure the text lines and glue the letters in place.

Clear coat the part to smooth the surface.
Additional clear coats = better Amazing Mold Rubber finish. 


Cut the poster board to make a mold box around the primary.


Mix and pour Amazing Mold Rubber per instructions. 
CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation. Let Cure.


After the Amazing Mold Rubber is cured, remove the primary part.


Similar to the mold box, secure the rubber mold in poster board. This supports the weight of the casting so the sides don't bulge out. Mix and pour Amazing Clear Cast Resin per packaging instructions {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Let Cure.

Let the air bubbles rise to the top. 


After 24 hours, the casting can be removed from the rubber mold.

Amazing Mold Rubber (left) / Amazing Clear Cast (middle) / Wood Primary (right).


Mask and paint the main body of the handle black.

Remove the masking and paint the text white. (I later found how the light from the LED's was slightly blocked so I removed the white paint. Skipping this step is optional for the desired result.)

Clear coat to desired gloss.


Drill out the bottom of the handle with 1/2" (1x center) and
#7 drill bits (4x corners). Tap the 1/2" Hole for the insert.

Prepare the LED's and wiring. 4 - Green LED's (clear lens) wired in series.

Install the threaded insert into the 1/2" Hole.


Some projects come together without complications. This one just wasn't going together without a fight. Even near at end I didn't like the effect the the light under the white paint, so I had to de-tour from the original plan. It has been another learning experience from the start, but I always look back at know it was all worth the struggle.

Something tells me I'm going
to try this one again...

Thanks for joining in. Stop by anytime to check out more
exciting projects from the Amazing Crafting Products Creative Team.

KCCO, ~ Lonnie S.

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  1. Nice, love it. You and your LED lighted objects. Wonderful

  2. Custom beer tap...I like your style!! Great project


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