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A #Cre8time Fortune tells of a Haunting Necklace... by Maria Soto

Hi there - Maria here to share a project I made for my daughter! As my kids get ready to go to the Bristol Renaissance Fair up in Wisconsin in the next couple of weeks – my daughter came to me and asked me if I could make her a necklace for her outfit. They love getting all dressed up when they go this event. This year she's going as a fortune teller Gypsy and asked me to make her a necklace with a skull.

I decided to go ahead and make the skull out of resin and the necklace as rustic and old as possible. I used the Amazing Mold Putty to make the mold and the skull cast in Amazing Casting Resin. For more detailed instructions on how to use these two products, please CLICK HERE to visit the Amazing Crafting Products instructions page.

The Amazing Mold Putty is so easy to use, just make sure to take two equal amounts of Parts "A" and "B", mix well and then press over the object you are molding, wait about ten minutes and your mold is ready to use. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

When using the Amazing Casting Resin, make sure to follow the instructions found in the box {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Using equal amounts and adding part "A" to your mixing cup first is important. You have to remember that you have only a few minutes to work with; since this resin begins to set right away. So plan ahead to make the right amount and have extra molds on hand just in case you have leftover resin. Since this was going to be used as the focal piece on my necklace, I cut a piece of wire and inserted into the resin before it cured – this way there will be no need to drill a hole and glue the wire. I like to make things easy for me... but you can always drill afterwards.

The mold, the plastic skull and the new resin skull.

Once the resin piece was done, it was time to add some color. I used my red and black sharpies to add color – wiping off excess color for a distressed look. Now that the color is added, is time to create the necklace.

I got busy looking around for stuff I could use and I found an old piece of beads already strung together; an old wood button and chord that looks just like rope but is not itchy; and as I was walking into the house, I noticed a lot of tiny tree branches on the front yard {I figured I might be able to used them somehow}. I thought about molding them, but I had already done that before... so I just used the real branch pieces. 

Putting together this necklace was very easy and fast. I was really surprised that I had no problems. All the materials just seemed to work together... I really like it this way. I thought it would be smart to get an approval from my daughter before moving forwards – she can be really easy to please, but sometimes she gives me a hard time. Since I have no idea what her outfit is going to be like, I figure it would be safe at this point to get an OK from her. 

This is the necklace, all put together,
just waiting for the skull to be added.

On the base, a wood button is used to hold the tree branches held together with wire in a triangular shape. I used a little bit of the Alumilite Red Dye on the branches just to tint the broken ends. 

Well since she loved the necklace, I decided to add a couple of charms, she loves owls and thought it would be nice to add this tiny one along with the feather. I thought about adding the pink flat back crystals as eyes to the skull, but last minute I decided it didn't go well together so I left them out. 

She loves owls. I thought that making a couple of charms would be great – and to also use the black bead to connect the skull to the necklace would make it longer. 

Owl and feather charms attached to the necklace. 

Here is the finished necklace, she loved it and can't wait to get all dressed up for the Fair! Since she's also dressing this way for Halloween... she'll be using it again in October.


Here you can see the plastic skull used to make the mold and the new resin skull.

What kind of spooky jewels
will you create for Halloween?

I hope I have inspired you to get excited about creating your own custom jewels.

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  1. Absolutely love your necklace! Great job!

  2. Maria - this is AMAZING!! I just love the juxtaposition of the natural, metal and handmade elements to achieve such and authentic looking piece! You are so creative and original and your daughter is lucky to have you to adorn her with gorgeous jewels :)

  3. thank you ladies, this piece as simple as it came together really made an impression on me, hard to explain it in any other way - maybe it connected with the gypsy in me (according to my mom we have gypsy in our blood line)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Maria what a great job! This necklace is perfect!

  6. how cool that you could color the resin with Sharpies to distress. Love the necklace that soooooooooo makes a cool statement together with the skully!


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