Thursday, August 7

Double Duty, means Double the #Cre8time Fun!!! AMAZING Inspiration by Maria Soto

A mold on one side, a stamp on the other...
talk about double duty!!! 

Hi there, this is Maria and today I bring you an inspiration post. As I was trying to decide what to make and what to show you... so I re-visited all of my previous molds. I have to admit I've made a lot using the Amazing Mold Putty, including some I have not used on a project yet – so soon I will.

The last molds I made were the ones I created for my kitty coasters. You can go to the link here to see the original project. Since making that project, I have made several more. I think I have about 4-5 different coasters made – all about kitties, and below is one of my new kitty molds.

As I made the additional coasters, I had problems with one of them – the bottom part was not even enough and would not lay flat on the table. So I decided to use my craft knife to even the bottom part. Well it sorta worked out... but I noticed a lot of imperfections. I decided to go ahead and add a border to the bottom; and make a few more cuts here and there. By just using my fingers to pull off the putty once it was cut with my craft knife a little, this way it would look more uneven. I had an idea in mind and I think it came out just perfect.

So what I thought would work is this – one side of the mold was perfect to create my coasters, and the other side could be perfect to make some thin resin skins to use in mixed media projects. Well as I was was getting ready to add resin... I thought why not use it as a stamp, so I did just that! I took out some ink pads, a pack of ATC's I've been wanting to make, and well, the fun began.

The front side of the mold, next to it is one of my cast kitty coasters. I used Amazing Casting Resin and then used different types of blue paint and inks along with black to bring out the details.

This is the back side of the mold, I tried to make it even so it would lay right but it kept tearing up, so I added a border and decided it would make a great stamp!

I remember I had made a tag mold long time ago. If you missed it CLICK HERE to view the original post. I thought why not bring this mold out and use it as a stamp too... so I did just that.

I finally got to use these Strathmore ATC blanks...
I've only had them for a couple of years.

Here you can see the molds I used as stamps, along with paints/inks this time around and a few of the ATC's I made. I can't wait to finish up these ATC's! Now that I have my base done, I invite you to come back later on this month to my blog, "What is Creativityso you can see the final results.

I plan to visit the rest of my molds to see how I can use them in different ways – or maybe I can combine some of them. Who knows what I might be able to do with the ton of molds I already have on hand. The Cre8time possibilities are endless!

I hope that I have inspired you to go back and take a second look to those molds you have on hand and see how else you can use them. I think when you can get more than one use out of these fun molds, it just means you can have double the fun creating!

How do you get multiple uses from

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  1. Such a great idea. Even if one thing doesn't work out there is always a different use for another! Love it!

  2. Great post! Multiple uses definitely works for me.


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