Friday, October 10

#Cre8time Creepy Candy Molds... AMAZING Inspiration by Isabel Villarreal

Hi there crafters! Did you know that Amazing Mold Putty is food safe? That's right! Amazing Mold Putty can be used to create molds for candy, cake decorations or even ice trays. Sweet! I've been wanting to try it for candy molds so I figured I'd take a shot at it and get an early start practicing so I'll have it down for Halloween. Here's my first attempt at molding cupcake decorations for my party later this month. 

Late last month, I created a mold of a plastic skeleton and ended up with these cool Halloween molds {CLICK HERE to view post if you missed it}. Since I used resin in my original molds, I had to make new ones that would be used strictly for working with edibles. The resin skeleton was easy to break apart into pieces so I could harvest only parts I could use for my cupcake decorations. Mainly the skull and some long bones. I even threw in a couple of skully pieces I had molded and cast previously that I thought I could use to jazz up my cupcakes.

I mixed up some Amazing Mold Putty and pressed it into a box to help me shape it a little easier and then pushed the skeleton pieces into the mold putty {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. It sets in about 10 minutes – so while I waited for the putty to cure, I melted some candy melts in the microwave to get it ready to use with my new candy molds.

Apparently I'm not very patient when it comes to melting candy and I molded a few duds. It looked like I wasn't waiting long enough for the candy to melt. After several attempts, I was able to mold some pieces that looked about right. I'll be practicing with using candy melts because it turns out they are harder to use than I was prepared for and I also want to play around with making multicolored decorations. Oh, and I used Black candy melts, which may not have been a good idea since they were almost impossible for me to photograph! All in all, this delicious experiment worked out... for the most part. I'll be playing with this for a few days and storing away my candy decorations for later.

What cool sweets will you be molding

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