Friday, October 17

EYE-SPY an AMAZING Steampunk Gas Mask... Inspiration by Rachel Whetzel

Hey, AMAZING gang!! Rachel Whetzel, here! I wanted to share part of a two piece custom order I was commissioned to make this summer! My client asked for a Steampunk themed Fireman's hat, with a gas mask to go with it. Using a regular, army green military issue gas mask, I spray painted it black, and made these goggles and gears to go with it!! I really love the way the piece came out, and I am so excited to deliver this piece in person to my client! Her fireman hubby is going to LOVE her thoughtful gift!! Using Amazing Mold Putty and both Amazing Clear Cast Resin, and Amazing Casting Resin, I was able to create a steam punk look pretty easily!! A little bit of spray paint to the back of the Amazing Clear Cast Resin really adds a nice industrial touch too. You can see the other piece to this set on the Creative Paperclay® blog today!! Once my client has given her surprise gift to her hubby, I'll be sharing the set on my Facebook page!

Here's some detail... the silver gaskets are metal parts from my local hardware store. I may mold those in the future!!

I've been so INSPIRED to think of ways to create something NEW and inventive as additions to "regular" pieces like this gas mask!! Have you used Amazing Crafting Products to embellish anything lately? Share with me! 

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