Monday, October 27

Dia de Muertos and the Many Faces of AMAZING Mold Rubber... by Tanya Ruffin

My hand-painted mask, resin embellished fan and necklace. 

This Halloween season we attended a ball called the Ghostly Gala and the theme was Dia de Muertos. I thought...WAHOO!!! Today's post will show the multiple uses for the same resin piece using Amazing Crafting Products.

I used a dollar store skull mold to make a resin skull piece with Amazing Casting Resin.

Then I painted it and embellished it with some cast resin roses. Then after seeing the outcome I decided to cast a mold of that skull in Amazing Mold Rubber and I loved the results!!!

I have a plethora of molds in the works.
CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation of Amazing Mold Rubber.

The Sugar skull is on the left... the Amazing Mold Rubber
really shows the detail of the roses.

I added some Alumilite Black Dye in the Amazing Casting Resin. If you do not have black dye or your pieces don't match, you can paint the piece with black acrylic paint after. Using the mold above, I made some embellishments to add to my costume.

I, of course, had to use some Rub 'n Buff® to my pieces. You could also brush some Alumilite Metallic Powders into the mold before you pour the resin.

I purchased a plain black fan and added the sugar skull
resin piece to the edge and also a cast skeleton cameo. 

I also found a spider web necklace at Dirt Cheap (for less than two bucks) and adorned it with another sugar skull resin piece.

Me and my niece at the Halloween Ball wearing my resin enhanced necklace. 

What will you bedazzle with
handmade resin embellishments? 

You Can Craft Your Own Way! ~ Tanya

Tanya Ruffin with Create Studios

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