Tuesday, October 7

Here Kitty...Kitty! #Cre8time Halloween Inspired Decor by Aimée Wheaton

Hi all! Aimée here with some cute Halloween decor ideas. You'll never know when inspiration hits, this hit me while browsing the Dollar Tree for an event I was doing and I saw this cute little pumpkin ice cube tray, I thought perfect for resin and not ice! That got me thinking for a few days at first I thought I'd do earrings or pumpkin inspired jewelry but felt I'd take it a bit further but wasn't sure what yet. I had to go to Michael's for something and looked in the dollar bins as well and was further inspired. Well before I blah blah anymore let's get to it!

I made a cute swag decor for my home. My girls are little and get freaked out by anything not so cute for Halloween. This is a great craft on a budget, total cost for the trinkets was $8. :)

All items hung on the ribbon I molded with Amazing Mold Putty and used Alumilite Metallic Powders on each. I then embellished with a gold, white and black Sharpie. When the Amazing Casting Resin was curing I added in an eye pin to all but the keys to make it easy to hang on the ribbon. The keys were hung with copper wire.

Pumpkin ice tray painted with Alumilite Copper Metallic Powder.

I really LOVE how the key's turned out!!!


Embellished with Sharpies!

I really like how it turned out!! If you already have lots of Halloween trinkets this would be easy for you to make. Put your own spin on it.

Let's see what you can create
with your variety of items,

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Till next time! Xoxo Aimée

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  1. Aimeé your imagination knows no bounds! What a creative use of an ice tray and dollar bin finds to create fun, festive and beautiful halloween decor. :)

  2. Aw thanks Susan!! I had fun with this one!!!


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