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Celebrating Dia de los Muertos at #Cre8time! Festive Wreath Tutorial by Aimée Wheaton

Well it's that time of year again, time for spooky things, orange, purple, black and of course sugar skulls! This project came together browsing Michael's for inspiration. I found these card stock Sugar Skull die cuts and wondering if I could mold it, that kind of sparked the rest of the wreath! I've never made a wreath so this is new to me but it was very fun and easy to make!

If you can't find a wreath you want to hang, make one!!! The possibilities are endless and you can do so much with Amazing Crafting Products!!

First I must introduce my helpers, my daughter Lorelei and my crazy tuxie Zooey. We pulled out the fabric to cut and she immediately thought she'd get on all of them and have a nice little nap. It was cute! Loved having Lorelei help me, she cut most of the fabric and tied a lot onto the wreath frame.

Now onto the project!! So we start with the fabric and cut strips of all 4 types of fabric, long enough to go around the wreath and tie in a knot.


We started with a pattern and then filled in the white spots with whatever we had left. There is really no rhyme or reason to it, whatever you like best! I'm sure I could have added a lot more to it to make it fluffy but knew I was going to add embellishments as well. While Lorelei was tying the fabric on I was making the molds with Amazing Mold Putty {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}.

I really wasn't sure how well this card stock would mold and thought I would test it out. I tried to make it on the thinner side so it wouldn't be too heavy for the wreath. 

I also thought I wanted to add the word "BOO" but then changed my mind on that because it's usually not associated with sugar skulls but rather with ghosts. I may use them for another project.

Pretty impressive for paper!! The mold turned out great!

This is the stage the wreath is at right now. We've weaved in these sparkly floral embellishments into the fabric and I secured them down with a hot glue gun.

Right now I only have the metallic powders from Alumilite, so I thought I'd try my mineral makeup to color the mold. These are eyeshadows! I painted them into the mold like I would do the powders and then poured the Amazing Casting Resin on the top of it. It worked like a charm!

The painted mold, very pretty!

I sprinkled in silver glitter in the letter molds. Then I mixed up a batch of Amazing Casting Resin and poured into the molds {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Next time I would paint the letter molds with a powder first, the resin made bald spots in the glitter as you can see in this photo.

Let them cure and then demold.

I love the subtle colors of the skull!! I then took a fine point black Sharpie and highlighted the different areas with it.

You know how I pretty much have wire in every project, well this one is no different! I used purple, orange and black glass beads and strong onto the thin wire for some extra bling.

Next I weaved them into the fabric and wreath
and bent it a bit for some movement.

I decided the project needed some more embellishments and decided to throw in some vintage buttons with a hot glue gun. I then glued down the sugar skull, the glitter embellishments and the rest of the buttons around the wreath.

Beads and button.

Bottom of the wreath.

Blingy side!

Here it is! What do you think? I love the mix of colors in this piece. This was a fun project to make and you can get your kids to help! I will probably make a Christmas wreath as well. I think I'm going to let Lorelei take it to school to decorate her classroom, her teacher wanted some decorations. This is a smaller wreath but could easily be duplicated into a bigger design. I wanted to have more with the Amazing Casting Resin on this piece, but I think the Sugar Skull sets it off nicely. I should probably make a Boo wreath as I have the letters molded as well. Hope you enjoyed this project :)

Let's see what you can create
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