Thursday, October 9

#Cre8time to Play with FOOD!!! SPOOOOOKY Cool Jello by DeeDee Catron

AHHHH! Halloween is upon us and where I LOVE doing the paper crafts and altered portions of decor, I also ADORE doing themed foods and snacks. With a 3 year old and a 30 year old around the house they enjoy the fun things that pop up now and then, too. Insert... SPOOOOOOKY Jello! 

Did you know that Amazing Mold Putty is FOOD SAFE? As long as you've not poured resin, wax or other such materials into the mold, you can put food in it! You can even BAKE in it! (Take a look at this superb Espresso Cookie Cup!)

I sound like a salesman with all these exclamation points, but I really love the way this turned out. I found some skull shaped shot glasses and molded them half way up. After the putty was cured, I mixed up some Jello as per directions on the box and poured into my molds. Now we have jiggly Jello grape flavored skulls for the kids, and who's to say we don't add some adult beverages to the grown up versions? :D 

What might you mold and cast?

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