Thursday, October 16

Things Aren't Always What They Seem! AMAZING Inspiration by Maria Soto

Hi there, this is Maria and today I want to share a way you can transform an item into something totally different. As we get ready to have a January wedding, I wanted to create some new centerpieces. 

In one of my many garage sale findings, I came across this one lady that had a lot of old items. It was late on the day and she was pretty much giving stuff away for pennies. I found this box full of glass chimneys, and only one was missing. I asked how much for the entire box, she said one dollar – so I took the entire box, and as I looked around I found the missing piece!

I thought it would be fun to see if I could turn it into a vase so we can use these as centerpieces and well, the fun started.

For this project I used my Amazing Mold Putty

On this photo you can see the making of my mold – it's pretty easy. The Amazing Mold Putty comes in two parts – Part "A" (white) and Part "B" (yellow). I mixed equal parts of each and once mixed into a solid yellow color, I flattened the putty into a circle. CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation.

Then I placed one end of the glass chimney on the mold putty and began to fold the edges around the glass – pressing lightly, as this glass seems very fragile. It took about 10 minutes for the mold putty to cure.

While the putty sets, I took the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and mixed equal amounts of parts "A" and "B" {CLICK HERE to view mixing and preparation}. Now you need to mix it for a while, until it becomes clear and you are supposed to let the resin sit to get rid of any bubbles. However, I wanted bubbles – so after mixing the resin for a few minutes, I poured it carefully inside the glass chimney as it sat on the mold I made. The mold putty base is to keep my resin in place inside the the glass.

The Amazing Clear Cast Resin has been added – now its time to wait for it to cure. This glass chimney had two openings and now it has become a vase. You can add color to the resin if you want, by adding some of the Alumidust, Alumilite Dyes or Metallic Powders. I think I might sprinkle a little silver glitter over the resin once it's cured, or even add some pretty beads once the resin becomes tacky enough so the beads stay on top of the resin, and not sink to the bottom. 

PLEASE NOTE: Anytime one pours resin into glass it is best to layers resin in small batches to prevent any possible cracking of the glass. Mixing large batches of Amazing Clear Cast Resin or Amazing Casting Resin do generate heat in the curing process – the larger the piece, the higher the temperature can be. It's best to pour a small batch and let cure fully before adding additional layers.

I hope I have inspired you to look around and see what you can transform! I do however suggest that if you have any questions or need help with these products, please check the website, where you will find a so much information on how to use and get the best results when using these Amazing Crafting Products. Trust me they make creativity more fun. 

How would you customize a glass vessel?

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