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iNeed an Extra Hand... DIY Standard 1/4-20 Mount iPhone and GoPro Cases Part 1 by Lonnie Sexton

Hello! I’m back with another project using Amazing Crafting Products. Today I'm sharing how to create custom iPhone and GoPro 1/4-20 standard mount cases. I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Simple, effective cases I can use around the shop. What happens when you can’t find something you need and there’s ACP handy? Design, build, mold and cast. 

This is part one of a two part post – so stay tuned by
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  1. Create Primary Object – Custom iPhone & GoPro camera mount cases
  2. Mold the Primary
  3. Demold
  4. Casting
  5. Final


I used Cell Foam to create the prototype version. It’s easy to cut, shape and glue. Cell foam is porous and flimsy, but perfect for quick parts. However, there is a downfall. Unless you go through a coat and sanding process, the finished product will be rough on the edges where the cell foam is porous.
Outline the iPhone and GoPro on the cell foam sheets x2.
Measure and cut the foam pieces. Sides, edges, etc.

Glue the foam pieces together to form the main body using foam safe glue.
Use accelerator to speedup the glue dry time.

Cut the excess and form the shape desired.


Using modeling clay, section off 1/2 of the case.

Cut a baseboard and walls for a mold box.

Smooth out the clay on the base.

Apply a couple layers of mold release per instructions.

Glue the walls of the mold box on.

Mix Amazing Mold Rubber per instructions {CLICK HERE to view}.
Fill the mold box until 1/4” over the primary. Let Cure.

Once the Amazing Mold Rubber is cured, carefully cut the seams of the mold box and remove the sides, mold and clay. Separate the clay from the primary and rubber mold.

Turn the mold upside down, place back in the mold box and re-glue the edges.

ADD Inlet and Outlet dowels to the high points to mitigate air bubbles.

Apply 3 layers of mold release per instructions.

Mix Amazing Mold Rubber per instructions.
Fill the rest of the mold box until even. Let Cure.


Remove the mold box sides and bottom.
Separate the mold and remove the primary and dowels.


Secure the mold with rubber bands or tape. So it’s firmly together, but not squished. Create a small disposable funnel with a piece of card stock or thick paper. Place it in one of the large inlet holes.

Mix Amazing Casting Resin and Alumilite Red Dye per instructions {CLICK HERE to view mixing/preparation}. Fill the mold until you see casting come out of each outlet hole. Tilt, pump, and/or bump the mold to help get air pockets out of the casting. Let the mold rest level. Heat the exterior of the mold with a heat gun for a couple minutes to help cure the casting. Let cure per Amazing Casting Resin instructions.


Remove the casting from the mold and trim and excess flash.

Attach to a 1/4-20 standard camera mount.

Camera Mount shown with iPhone4s 

How would you alter or customize
your electronic creations?

Thanks for joining in. Come back soon for Part 2 – GoPro Cases and more projects from the Amazing Crafting Products Creative Team.

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