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#Cre8time Fall Fun with AMAZING REMELT by Rachel Whetzel

Hello, Amazingland! Rachel Whetzel here... I've got some FALL inspiration for you, just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday!

This post is actually three fold. In the first part, I will show you how I made the decoration you see above. In the second, I have an idea for an alternative use of the first project! Last, I will show you an idea I had in the middle of making my first decoration.


Here is the inspiration for both the pieces/ideas I'm sharing with you today. The Diphylleia Grayi flower, whose petals look like ice when they get wet, and the cute stamped/impressed clay tags and ornaments floating around the interwebs and Pinterest this time of year.

To begin, find a leaf that is in good shape, and fairly flat. 

I wanted to use the leaf for a variety of molding projects, but because of it's thinness, I needed a way to bulk up the leaf, and support it for molding. To achieve this, I decided to cover the back of the leaf with a layer of Creative Paperclay®.

Be sure to extend the edge of the clay beyond the edges of your leaf. 

While your clay is still wet, cut the edges close to the leaf,
and press the clay closer with your fingers. 

To ensure a uniform dry piece, I put the leaf and clay between two heat safe plates, in the oven on a low heat setting. The plates will keep the clay from curling as it dries. 

When the piece was dry, I mixed up some Amazing Mold Putty, and pressed the piece into the mold. Once the mold was cured, I pulled out the original, sprayed it with mold release, and poured Amazing Remelt into the mold. To help speed up the cure, I placed the mold with Amazing Remelt into the freezer. 

Once the Amazing Remelt was cool again, it was set at a nice, sturdy rubbery texture. Here it is, before I trimmed the edges on the backside of the piece. Amazing Remelt is very easily cut with scissors at this thickness, so trimming up excess and over pour is a cinch! 

Once I trimmed the excess, I pressed the Amazing Remelt into some fresh Creative Paperclay® that I rolled out, and trimmed into a circle. 

Finally, I pressed a stamp from the For Every Occasion Close to My Heart stamp set that said 'Thanks' over the clay. I haven't decided if I want to put a hole in the piece to make it a tag or ornament... I kind of like it just like it is! 


Because Amazing Remelt is another of Amazing Crafting Products FOOD SAFE products, the remelt mold can be used to "stamp" leaf imprints on fondant! Imagine a beautiful white cake, with oak leaf impressions scattered around it... you can also use the Amazing Mold Putty (also food safe) mold for making stand alone leaves in fondant or molding chocolate! 

For the last idea, you will need:

When I was making the first piece, I realized how pretty the leaf would look in resin, and then I saw the photo of the Diphylleia Grayi flower, and everything just kind of clicked. I poured Amazing Clear Cast Resin into the mold I made, and waited for it to set up, When it was set, but still flexible, I took the resin out of the mold, and trimmed up the edges, and sanded them. Once the edges were finished, I turned the piece over, so the shiny back side of the molded resin would be on top. The result, is that you can see all the great leaf detail, and the top of the leaf is slick and icy looking!! I love the way the piece turned out, and I can't wait to make some more to decorate a mantle or table top with. 

Does the idea of playing with AMAZING Crafting Products get you in the mood to try some new things!? 

Amazing Crafting Products and the Alumilite company are looking for Creative Team Members!! You can check out the details of our call HERE!

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Thanks for stopping by! ~ rachel

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