Saturday, November 22

#Cre8time Play can be Sticky and Sweet... AMAZING Inspiration from Aimée Wheaton

Hi guys, Aimée here with a simple little project anyone can do. :) So my mission that I chose to accept was to play with the new Amazing Remelt, I have to admit I was a bit intimidated at first but soon discovered it was easy peasy! This product is great if you love to work with small items with resin or if you like to be creative in the kitchen because it is food safe and non toxic. It melts right in your microwave and pours really easy when melted into your molds.

My idea was completely different than what is in the photograph above, it always happens that way right? Originally I thought it would be awesome to mold candy canes and then use melted chocolate in the molds, um no. Don't try that because they broke into a gazillion pieces and I had to figure out something different to create.

I thought it was a good idea and gave it a try, live and learn right? I hot glued them down to my tupperware container so they wouldn't start swimming in the Amazing Remelt. Please CLICK HERE to view how this fun molding product works.

Remember the other letters I made from the Sculpey clay last project? Molded them! They turned out to be my focus for this one. These were also hot glued down to prevent swimming.


They made such a clean mold, but the candy canes didn't and I found that they were disintegrating in the warm Amazing Remelt and made very choppy spaces in the mold. The good thing is I can remelt it and reuse it. :) I bet if you're the Betty Crocker/Martha Stewart type you could do wonders in the kitchen with this amazing product! I on the other hand am not like either of those women! LOL!

The Love letters were super good to me and I followed through with the melted chocolate idea.

Here is what I used:

Not the prettiest in the mold.

Glitter makes everything better! 

You have to work fast because they were melting in my hands!

Bring on the white Oreos and add more glitter! Ever notice how pretty the relief designs are on them?Add the chocolate on top and they make for a pretty dessert for a holiday party.


How is that for easy? Best part? You get to lick your fingers afterwards!


Let's see what you can create
with your variety of items,

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