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Moldmaking SEEN through an Artist's EYE... a tale of AMAZING Remelt by Isabel Villarreal

I love making my own custom molds and giving new life and purpose to beautiful and interesting objects I find. I also have a hard time getting rid of things and because of this I have boxes upon boxes of molds made for a specific purpose, stored away and never used again. Finally there's an solution to my storage problem!!!

Hi there! Isabel here and I'd like to tell you about a fun new product – Amazing Remelt. Yes, that's right, with this product you can create and use a mold and then melt it down and create a whole new one when you're done. I couldn't wait to try it!


Amazing Remelt is nontoxic so it's safe to use with food – but I wanted to play around with it first to see exactly how it worked. I decided to use a piece I had molded before and this silver pendant would be perfect. The pendant's design is an open floral pattern, so I taped the back of it with clear packing tape to keep the Amazing Remelt only on the surface. Now let's get to the melting.


I started by removing it from the original container and cutting out a few cubes with a serrated knife. The cubes went into a small plastic bowl and I popped it into the microwave to melt it. Since microwave temperatures vary, and I was working with a small amount I wasn't sure how long it would take to melt down so I ran it for 2 seconds at a time, taking it out and checking it between each run. It was very soft after 4 seconds and liquid in about 8 seconds. Please CLICK HERE to view more about this AMAZING new molding product.


The pendant is very thin and light so I used hot glue to secure the pendant in place inside of a shallow plastic lid. While the Amazing Remelt was still warm and liquid I poured it into my lid, using just enough to cover the pendant. As it was hardening I used a toothpick to drag away any large bubbles that formed. In about 25 minutes, the Remelt was completely cured. After carefully removing the original pendant from the mold I was ready to begin with Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

My first cast was made using Amazing Clear Cast Resin. It turned out beautifully, but it was hard to capture the detail in a photo since it was so clear. I used the tiniest bit of Alumilite Red Dye in my second cast and here is the amazing outcome – a beautiful floral embellishment. Best of all, when I'm finished using this mold, I can melt it down and make a whole new mold for my next project!

What would you love to mold
using the new Amazing Remelt???

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