Friday, November 21

Bringing #Cre8time to Young Budding Artists... AMAZING Inspiration by Heather Kindt

Greetings AMAZING Crafters! Today we welcome back our Featured Artist Heather Kindt who is sharing a some AMAZING Inspiration with us today – a special project spreading Cre8time love! If you missed her Steampunk Menagerie How-To from last Friday... CLICK HERE to see it NOW!!! Enjoy :) Sb

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At my son's elementary school, there is an annual event called Art Town. It is a day full of creative and performance art activities... just like a "field day" but for ART! I volunteered to host one of the activities for some of the 4th and 5th grade groups creating Resin Covered Domino Pendants.


We used dominos as the base of a necklace, and collaged images out of magazines to go on the front using packing tape. What makes these necklaces really special was adding coating of resin, which I do after the event. 


I use Amazing Clear Cast Resin to seal their creations
and the decorated objects become durable jewelry. 


Both the boys and the girls really love their necklaces!




The students and teachers were crazy about them!

Thanks for stopping by today! We hope you enjoyed this special project shared by Heather and these Amazing young, budding artists. Drop by next Friday for one last installemt from our Featured Artist Heather Kindt... you don't want to miss it! CLICK HERE to head on over to Heather's Facebook Page, or HERE to visit her blog Color Me Heather to see more of her fabulous work and her Cre8time adventures.

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Have a wonderfully creative day!

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