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#Cre8time Captures Beauty-FALL Impressions...
by Maria Soto

Hi there, this is Maria and today I bring you a favorite project of mine. I love how Amazing Mold Putty takes in all the details from whatever you use to create molds. 

As I walked outside the other morning and looked at all the trees losing their leaves, I decided to make something for Thanksgiving. I had a specific idea I wanted to make – and once I made the first mold, all these other ideas just came to me! Today I'm sharing one with you.

This is the assortment of different leaves I gathered. I sorta placed them to give me an idea of what or how to add them to the Amazing Mold Putty.

I used Amazing Mold Putty to create this mold. This product comes with two jars, part "A" (white) and part "B" (yellow). In order for you to make a perfect mold, you need to use equal amounts of each part, mix it well by hand (as you can see below in the next step), blending the two parts until you end up with a solid yellow color. Please CLICK HERE to view mixing and preparation.

Once the Amazing Mold Putty was mixed, I placed it over a plastic sheet protector. I took an empty Starbucks glass bottle and rolled out the putty as much as I could without making it too thin. I don't want this mold to have a permanent border so I left it alone. If I choose to add a border later on, I will make one that can be easily removed, for now I will leave it as is (see next photo).

I arranged the leaves on the Amazing Mold Putty, once placed I used the same glass bottle to press them down onto the putty. I left it alone for about ten minutes. To see if your mold is ready you can press your finger nail on the putty – if you see that no impression was left then your putty is cured and you can safely remove the leaves (please note temperature affects the curing time for this material).

Here is the completed mold. I love the impressions – you can see so much detail! Now the fun part starts, it's time to get the resin and the powders ready, I want to show lots of different fall colors on this project.


I brushed Alumidust powders in several colors like gold, red plum, copper, along with brown, orange, green and red – in an attempt to capture the many colors of fall we see everywhere right now in my hometown. I only colored the leaves. Once I was done, I felt the need to connect them so I took a lighter powder and created a border around and in between all the colored leaves and to be honest I love how these look. I would so love to keep these colors as they are, but we must proceed to the next step, as it's time to bring out the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and finish my project.

Below I share with you several photos trying to get all the beautiful colors – these can't compare to the original mold, I just love all the detail captured by the Amazing Mold Putty.


Amazing Clear Cast Resin comes in two parts, part "A" and part "B". You measure equal amounts of each and mix it slowly until the resin becomes clear. You will see tiny bubbles, so to make sure these don't stay in your project, you can let the resin sit for a while. Only about 5-10 minutes, though you have quite some time to work with it before it begins to set. Please CLICK HERE to view mixing and preparation.

Before you pour, check your resin to make sure most of the bubbles are gone. For this project because I'm going for a very thin layer, I will use my mixing stick to slowly add the Amazing Clear Cast Resin to the mold starting from the center and letting it flow towards the outside. I want the resin to cover the entire mold and I used wax paper under my mold – since I didn't add a border, I knew there might be some resin spills.

This photo shows the resin all mixed. I just let it sit for about 15 minutes, waiting for the bubbles to go away and for the resin to set and thicken a little bit before pouring onto my prepared mold.

Here are a few photos of the mold covered with resin. I usually let my resin cure over night, but for this particular project I needed the resin to be tacky so I could move on to the next step.

After a few hours, when the Amazing Clear Cast Resin was a bit tacky, I took my glass candle holder and placed it right in the middle of the mold. Then I took some strips of duck tape and as I folded the mold up on four sides of the glass container, I wrapped the sides with the tape to hold in position (as you can see pictured below). I needed to keep the mold up close to the glass candle holder while the resin completes curing/hardening. 

The idea was to have the resin sheet wrapped around the glass candle holder – to make it seem as if it was sitting on some autumn leaves. I let it cure over night and once the resin was cured, I removed the duck tape... and it was time to peel the resin sheet off the mold. I hoped the resin would stay in shape and it did!


I love how the colors look so vibrant on one side of the resin and how different they look on the other side and you can see the shimmer from the Alumidust powders. I realized that this Amazing Clear Cast Resin sheet came out very thin, much thinner than I wanted. Now I know that if I want it to be thicker I will need to add a border to the mold, to keep the resin in place and be able to pour more resin. I do like the finished piece, it is pretty much as I had imagined it would look like at the end.

This photo shows the underside of my resin sheet. You can see the vibrant colors, and there is no shine from the Amazing Clear Cast Resin – but I do love the colors!

This is the top view of the glass candle holder sitting on the resin sheet. On this side you can see all the shine from the Amazing Clear Cast Resin – it really makes the beautiful fall color pop! 

I added some tiny shells and sand into the glass container. You could add a candle or candies or whatever you want to display inside the glass candle holder.

Sometimes you get an idea, and in your mind it works 100%... but when you try to execute it, well you don't always get the results you were going for. I believe the best part of being creative, is taking risks, going for "let's see if this works" – at least that's how it works for me. There's no such thing as a craft fail... just a new direction for a new idea.

I love my new fall center piece! I can't wait to make a few more so I can add them to my chimney mantle. Using the Amazing Mold Putty to make my leaf impressions was a great idea. I hope that I have inspired you to give this mold putty a try – see what you have around that shows a lot of detail and mold it... so you can see for yourself, this truly is an amazing product!

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  1. Maria - I love how you have preserved the impressions of your natural surroundings. This project can take on so many variations - very inspiring!


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